Spawn Kill Review: Review: Samurai Shodown Sen

Dana "Hear1lly" Russo of Spawn Kill writes:

"When I play a fighting game, I usually connect with a character or two after tinkering around in practice mode for a while. In Soul Calibur IV, it was Taki. In Dead or Alive 4, I was partial to using Hitomi. Samurai Shodown Sen left me absolutely infuriated. Here was a list of 24 characters I could use right off the bat, and I hated them all. Every fighter in Samurai Shodown Sen is unbalanced and lack the usual strengths and weaknesses that would set them apart from other fighters. The unbalanced characters are the least of Samurai Shodown Sen’s worries, however."

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rrquinta4181d ago

I'm not a big fan of fighting games, but now I know this definitely isn't the one to pick up, lol.

tigresa4181d ago

Most games going from 2D to 3D really suffer. This sucks...

K-Tuck4181d ago

If it looks like crap and smells like crap, well..