E3 2007: Sony Responds to GTA Exclusives

EGM interview with Dan Hsu :

"During our chat with Sony's head of game development Phil Harrison earlier today EGM's Dan Hsu asked about whether Sony had any plans to combat the exclusive downloadable content headed to the Xbox 360. Here's what he had to say: "As the head of the [internal Sony] studios it's hard for me to comment on the third party relations, so I don't know the details of that -- we deliberately keep those separate -- but we have a great relationship with Rockstar and we're actually working closely with them on a number of initiatives, so I do know some things that are going on but I'm not able to share those with you now."
What those initiatives are -- whether this could mean the Xbox 360 episodic content is a timed exclusive, or that there is other content headed to PS3, or something else entirely -- remains to be seen. But there you have it, something is in the works."

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Shadow Flare4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

good for sony. They didn't have to pay $50 million for exclusive content.

FordGTGuy4301d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

or what?

@Bill Gates(aka the guy who is ignored by 78 people)

I called him a retard because his original post(which he has changed) was retarded.

Bill Gates4301d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Hey FordFocus, I make fun of you XBOTS allot because you deserve it. But lets not toss the word "retard" around like it's funny you BABOON imbecile.

..And how is it you still have 3 bubbles. I say everyone here give you NEGATIVE feed back for calling someone a "retard" just cause you don't like his opinion. You clearly deserve it.

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Parlivus4300d ago

Doesn't say anything about them getting any extra content for GTA4 though does it. A number of iniatives could be Table Tennis 2 ;)

Mycococo4300d ago

phil harrison may not be talking about something in the works with grandtheft auto. he said with rockstar. rockstar has announced their 1930's crime drama del noir to be coming to ps3 exclusive. that news came out the same time as the news of 360 exclusive content was coming. but i hope rockstar just puts extra on blueray.

InMyOpinion4300d ago

How would you know if Sony did pay or not? Do you think they would confess if they did? Wake up...

nobizlikesnowbiz4300d ago

Have fun blowing Bill.

He says give neg. feedback, you all obey.


sony fan4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

I sure I'm am glad sony makes all their games for free. I mean developers make it for them for free. No wait, actually I think they do pay to make games! I think they even pay other to make them games! But if MS pays for a game to be made on their system that is just wrong. LOL, look at all the people who agreed with this first retard. YOu people...just funny. We sony fans prefer not to have good games and extra content we prefer sony save its money raher than use it to make our games library better, LOL

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paul_war4301d ago

I'm hoping for PS3 - PSP conectivity, would go well with the new PSP.

CAPS LOCK4301d ago

hmm i think there would be some sort of connectivity for gta...i thought you would be able to use your psp as a controller...anyways ms fans dont understand that the episodic would cost money, how else do you think Microsoft is getting their 50 mil back? I do think that the ps3 would also get episodic content but different content. so it would be cool to have different episodes on different consoles.

genix134301d ago

Hmmm, assuming 5 million 360 users buy gta4 then 50,000,000/5,000,000 = $10 so thats how much they'd have to sell the extra content for in order to recuperate losses. Then again they could sell it for more and make a profit... Don't you just love corporations.

sticky doja4300d ago

will be from people buying the 360 version instead of the ps3 version, or buying a 360 because it will have more GTA4 content. Also I read an interview from I think Major Nelson saying it wasn't even 50mil, or at least they don't comment on deals with their partners. Could still be 50 mil though

SuperSaiyan44301d ago

Get something else who knows.

At the end of the day you can't boast about an exclusive unless you pay for it in this gen, because last gen it was all about the PS2 because of its huge userbase.

Now it has turned around even though Microsoft have paid for the content you musn't forget it costs MONEY to make the content so of course Microsoft are paying for it and then guess what happens...

Microsoft rip off ALL the 360 gamers with a huge overpriced marketpoints for each content...I know its gonna happen cos Microsoft of course want that $50million dollars back some how.

So if they charge $10 per episodic content and with 7million Live gamers thats already $70million dollars!!

Either way, 360 and PS3 are getting the SAME GTA4 whatever is extra i.e. on the 360 version is just added extras and not part of the original story that is on the disc.

Nigther4300d ago

It's not logical to think that all Live users will buy this content.

Ico4301d ago

It's an exclusive demo for the PS store on the 20th of July i think...

(it would be awesome)

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