Ratchet & Clank Future Gameplay Trailer

"Ratchet can hardly stay on his feet with all the insanity flying around this bustling metropolis."

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darkdoom30004297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )


this rocks, ive gotta get this

Go PS3

EDIT:: @post below.. I didnt think gladiator was a big mistake, i enjoyed it, but i did miss some clank, and the platformer part of it...
But its really fun playing in FPS mode. lol Halo Style.

IMO- ratchet and clank 3-best! then gladiator, then 1, then 2..

Bebedora4297d ago

They usually makes it ballanced enough for even me to make it on the medium level.

Other than that, this is the classic R&C I came to love. Gladiators was a BIG mistake! And the graphics looks as always top of the art. pr0nographic gfx!

ash_divine4297d ago

Yet and still people will look at this and still say the system has no good games coming

PS360PCROCKS4297d ago

Yeah but this isn't a mass appealing title because look their is 5 comments before I comment and this has been out for 5 hours now and this game looks amazing...some people are just nieve to try new things and this probably will be one of those scenarios but it will sell nicely to the fans they do have.

MK_Red4297d ago

I cant wait to play this new R&C. Cool video.

kewlkat0074297d ago

Another one on the back burner, for when the PS3 is purchased. Keeping my eyes out.

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