Socom: Confrontation New Gameplay Footage

As most of you have known since Sony's Gamers Day event back in May, the upcoming installments in the Socom series are not being handeled by Zipper interactive, but rather Slant Six, which did some work on last year's critically acclaimed "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror".

At this year's E3, IGN got some hands-on time with "Socom: Confrontation", the first PS3 installment of in the Socom series, a multiplayer-only title which will be released both via PSN and on Blu-Ray later this year.

Here is two minutes of footage:

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sak5004302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

LOL.. Looks like 5 year old counter strike graphics. Is this what this next gen console is capable of? The guy jumps 10 feet down and looks like he breaks his legs and starts shooting.

Edit: @below: So did you see something extraordinary with your sony glasses?

Lord Anubis4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

its amazing how you saw all the graphical detail from a youtube quality video. :|

@above me

have you taken your microsoft glasses off?

risk4302d ago

maybe because they might have changed the scene? is that soo hard to belive?

warfed24302d ago

sure as hell looks better then the halo beta

DADO4302d ago

This is a down-loadable game that is why the graphics should not be compared to games that are on discs.

Arkham4302d ago

Sak, you do realize for the first couple of years there were more people playing SOCOM games than were on XBL in total, right? Google it. Really.

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risk4302d ago

SUCKS. a 10 year old can aim better then that.

sjappie4302d ago

Guess I grew over it. It looks almost the same as socom2, just a bit sharper.

Omegasyde4302d ago

Yea but did you notice the reduction of recoil?

The crosshairs spread way less. I am sorta pissed since socom was originallu suppose to be a tactical game not a arcade shooter.

I bet they already got rid of the ghuilie suits.

iceice1234302d ago

BOOORRRIIINGG old old old failed franchise, get over it Sony.

Silvanos4302d ago

How can you say failed when thousands play this everyday at any given time, hell people still play SOCOM 2 from 5 years ago.

I can't wait for this to come out.

Douglasp4302d ago

I would think Sony would put alot of money into Socom.?

Silvanos4302d ago

This is an online only game, SOCOM 4 is still being developed by Zipper for release in 08.

SRuN44302d ago

Seth has said before that Confrontation has the budget of a PS2 game.

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The story is too old to be commented.