Mass Effect Impressions

Could Mass Effect be the deepest role playing game for the Xbox 360 yet? Yes. Yes it could. The developers demoed a bunch of actual in-engine gameplay and in-game cutscenes for us earlier today, showing off just how far they've come since the last E3.

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JohnCarpenter5187d ago

"we can't wait for November" - me too. The pics look ....very next gen!

the_round_peg5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

"Everything looks *fantastic*."

"All those trailers you've seen are actually of in-game footage."

"When you zoom close in on alien characters, they look just as good as any of the Unreal Engine demos... if not better."

"Traveling from planet to planet... looks as good as any special effects on say, the show Battlestar Galactica."

"Dialogue... actually seem like an interactive cutscene."

"Did we mention that the character models look great? They do."

"The action was very smooth and very cinematic."

"(Certain scenes) actually had you making life and death decisions based on your dialogue choice. "

"There is vehicular combat."

"A lot of things can be customized in terms of weapons, skills, and vehicles..."

"The game's due in November, and judging from the completeness level of the demo they've got now, there's no doubt that the game will be fantastic when it's released."

Sangheili855187d ago

oh damn this game looks so real....

ironwolf5187d ago

Of course without a bunch of half-naked children to lust after, it probably won't go over well with certain groups.

the_round_peg5187d ago (Edited 5187d ago )

So far PS3 fanboys and Sony Protection Groupies have stayed out of all recent Mass Effect news.

For example, in the Mass Effect E3 trailer article yesterday, there's not a single one Sony fanboys in there. I was waiting for a Sony fanboy to show up and to see what he would say. But none has ever showed up, which is just like... wow, a miracle. Because those Sony fanboys love to crap in Xbox 360 threads at every chance they have.

I think they first wanted to say something, but after they watched the trailer, and they then decided instead to start a petition to get Mass Effect for PS3.


Which is not gonna happen, because Microsoft is the publisher.

rev205187d ago

I think yourll find people with a ps3 have enough games coming out this year to not be fussed at all about this, they still have imo the greatset rpg series ever final fantasy.

So give it a rest and just enjoy ya own games and let them enjoy theres lol

razer5187d ago

This is #1 on my must own list. I not only think it will be the best RPG this year but probably the best RPG/Action/Sci-fi adventure game ever on a console. The dialogue mechanics are amazing and the graphics are unbelievable. I really think this is as close to feeling like your in a movie as it gets. It has GOTY written all over it.

rev205187d ago

Best RPG on a console its gonna have to go some to beat

final fantasy 7 imo that game was perfect from start to finish. werll see though ;)

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Rhezin5187d ago

LMAO!! oh that is so sad. Oh ya did I mention Halo 3 will go to ps3 too, oh yah and too human and fable 2. LOL keep dreamin sony fangirls you got Killzone 2, that should be enuff

Sangheili855187d ago

lol 1 bubble fanboy... Now that KZ2 as shown it's worth in graphics he says thats all he needs. No offense to actually game lovers of both systems but 360 has had gears which looks amazing for a while now.

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