Kotaku : Free Realms Makes It To The PlayStation 3 For E3

Michael Fahey writes "While that sounds like great fun, it raises the question that comes up every time I write about Free Realms. Wasn't there supposed to be a PlayStation 3 version?
Yes, there was, and it has not been forgotten. In fact, SOE passed along this juicy bit of information to Kotaku this morning: "Free Realms for the PlayStation 3 is very much in development and, you heard it here first, fans can be prepared to see the first demo in action in June at E3!"

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sinncross4110d ago

Great to hear!

I honestly hope that The Agency and DC Universe Online make appearances as well.

MexicanAppleThief4110d ago

Hopefully this comes out like an app like Home. You click on the app, it downloads and it connects straight from the xmb. :)

nefertis4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Damn Sony save some surprises for e3, first its inFamous 2 now this I cant wait until e3.

Meryl4110d ago

and thus starts the incoming wave of MMO's lol I am looking forwards to all of them espicially FF IV Online, I wish Guild wars would come to ps3, have you seen GW2 it looks amazing!!

tiamat54110d ago

It's about time. Been listening to the fun everyone is having on Freerealms on the PC for way to long. It's our turn now.