Stranglehold demo released end of this month

Midway just confirmed that there will be a playable demo of John Woo Presents: Stranglehold. The demo will be released sometime at the end of this month on Xbox Live Marketplace. Midway did not mention a demo release for Playstation Network or PC.

The demo will feature one singleplayer mission, of some of the earlier missions in Stranglehold. The full version of Stranglehold will be in stores sometime in August on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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riqued4298d ago

Gamespot interviewed a dev from Stranglehold and he didn't say if the demo was only for the Xbox, I hope it isn't...

BUT... PSN never gets the demos, so...

FeralPhoenix4298d ago

Demos are great, its always nice to play a bit of the game before you actually buy it.

Bnet3434298d ago

Looks like the next Max Payne.

CG4297d ago

You get what you pay for, thats why xbox live will continue to lead the in console online.

time2die4297d ago

Quote. You get what you pay for.

Yeah right....Some arcade games from 20 years ago and a load of other retro crap from the past that they expect you to pay for.

You buy a full price game upto £50 in price then they charge you for a new map or new weapons or multiplayer option changes.

This is suppose to be the era of next generation consoles so why the hell do Microsoft Nintendo And Sony think we want games from years back,I dont mind playing old retro games occasionally but give us some originality here for gods sake.

If you want us to download retro games from the past then give us decent retro games from the past and not the tripe thats on the market place at present..


Tempest 2000
Goldeneye....with multiplayer option to play online.
Jet force Gemini
Conker live and Reloaded
Super metroid [snes classic]
sin and punishment [n64 shooter never released over here]

I could name many more ...