Natsu X FairyTail5137d ago

Wow can I say Sick trailer? The music choise was Perfect.

green5137d ago

Amazing trailer for what is looking like an amazing game. Also agree with the music choice.

AnttiApina5137d ago

Great trailer overall. Must be the launch trailer.

Eamon5137d ago

spoilers in a trailer? Should I avoid watching?

WhittO5137d ago

looks to be a great game, great trailer too.

Only negative id say is that alot of it was not the in-game gameplay and more of the "touched-up" cinematics.

BeaArthur5137d ago there aren't really any spoilers. Just a series of clips.

Fanb0y5137d ago

It's actually not a big deal. Activision is only publishing, and doesn't own Bungie.

Bungie will still own all IP they create. Unlike IW's COD.

Inside_out5136d ago

WOW!!!...that guy getting pulled through the door looked insane...M$ starting to turn up the heat, judging by that trailer...Damn, that looked good...The story is a huge, HUGE, part of this game...Every Preview I've read ( about 4-5 ) constantly mentions how the story pulls you in...Still a couple wks away but I think M$ should start buying some commercial time on shows that caters to this type of vibe...I see something different every time I see one of these trailers....Seriously, how can you watch something like that and not know this is gonna be special....Rollercoaster ride indeed....

....Alan Amazing....May 18...Alan awakes in a store near you...

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AnttiApina5136d ago


Typical Remedy? Okay... Guess someone didn't like Max Payne

Christopher5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

Unfortunately, I just don't get any amazement out of Alan Wake trailers. The trailer was okay for me, really didn't do anything new or wow me at all. (Yes, hit the disagree button as I know most who flock to Alan Wake threads will)

Storyline-wise I think Alan Wake has something good to offer, but as far as gameplay I'm still turned off and think they could have done a better job considering the dark fantasy element rather than lots of 'shadow' people who melee you the same way and a cyclone that seems to follow you each night to throw huge objects at you.

I was considering pre-ordering the limited edition because it's a really nice limited edition, but I can't do that without seeing some reviews that will change my mind about the gameplay. Trailers just aren't going to do it for me anymore.

4Sh0w5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

Nice trailer, but I liked some of the other trailers better, still Alan Wake is looking like an amazing must buy game for me, from every preview I've read it sounds like an amazing story going on and the game plays well with the dark and light tense atmosphere, oh and its also nice that the game looks superb too. Can't wait, AW is a day one purchase for me, then just about a week later(I should be finished my 2nd or 3rd play through of AW) I'm getting Red Dead Redemption, all this while I'll be passing the time enjoying the Reach beta, OMG were just spoiled this gen. lol Hell yeah!!!, 2010 has been awesome for gamers already and its not even half way over yet.

Hallmark Moment5136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

Great video. LOL at the Alternative Sources contributor, that dude has major issues. That is not even an alternative source of the trailer, it is a source to spam created by some rabid that isn't even true. Who will >Quaz51< be next you can't trust him.

Biggest5136d ago

I saw that has also previewed Alan Wake. Did they run out of sports to cover with the NBA/NHL playoffs happening along side Premier League and MLB?

That was a very good trailer. It most definitely did its job.

MNicholas5136d ago

As soon as it hits the bridge the flying van turns into a car.

Seems they swapped in the wrong model. Oops.

Other than that, this seems to be a Silent Hill for the Xbox360.

Not necessarily a bad thing for those who like that kind of game/theme.

Arnon5136d ago

There's more than 1 vehicle on the bridge. The van destroys the bridge and sends a sedan flying at the camera.

kunit22c5136d ago

This game does look pretty good, i'm not gonna lie, but you guys need to stop hyping it so much, because what IF it does turn out to be a flop, do you know how foolish you guys would look? Just like Uncharted 2, I honestly didn't give into all the hype and I think that made me enjoy the game more because my expectations weren't so high, but if you guys keep raising your expectations theres a higher chance you wont be pleased with it. Now sure it doesn't have that high of chance of flopping but just trust me the less you hype it the better.

MNicholas5136d ago

It's not an inspector gadget van.

The van does hit a car. It's just that the physics (or scripting, actually) is so poorly done that the van, which has all this rotation, suddenly stops dead and transfers almost 100% of it's energy to the car, which does things that are physically impossible, like rolling uphill (barring magic, of course).

Then again, we have seen cars do some really strange things before ....

To be fair:

Finally, to soothe the savage breast:

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Hugo Chavez5136d ago

Silly Little human. You are trying to hard. Did Alan Wake harm you in some way? El Presidente is curious.

Sonyslave35137d ago (Edited 5137d ago )

GOTY 2010

Best Graphics comfirmed only on 360 and coming soon on a pc near you sike.

TheMART5137d ago

Where is the PC announcement link again?