Everyone Should Have StarCraft 2 Beta Access By Now

There's been so many ways to get keys lately, in fact thousands of them given away in a variety of ways. Basically all of them have closed now, though.

However, there might be one or two stragglers wanting in to the beta and to make sure these people at least get to enjoy the final few weeks of the beta (no, sorry, nobody knows the release date, but late June is still a good bet), here's the last few ways left on how to do it!

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Dorjan3810d ago

I've got mine thanks!

Cogo3810d ago

I still get surprised when I see people whine they don't have a key yet...

JsonHenry3810d ago

I had to pre-order at gamestop to get mine. But I did it the very moment I read I could one.

Both impressed and disappointed so far. They did not really do anything new but the game is very solid. Units needs balanced big time but it is a beta.

And I wish that things like zerglings and marines could not take out any structure in the game in a matter of seconds. That should be reserved to heavy vehicles and "rocket" type infantry.

Overall though I really like the game and am looking forward to playing it until a DECENT CnC game hits the market.

TrenchaunT3810d ago

I actually think the opposite: some things are too new but the game is very balanced. Terrans are better in the early game than they were before, but there's too little difference between marauders, roaches, and stalkers. Some units that they got rid of I wish they would have kept, especially wraiths, guardians, and reavers. So far I dislike vikings--they just aren't good enough against a LOT of battlecruisers, and don't have cloaking, and aren't as endearing as goliaths.

LoVeRSaMa3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I have 2 Accounts and I live in the UK.

(my friend got me the codes from US, registered one on an EU account another on a US)

Sayai jin3810d ago

Yeah, I had mine for a while. I pre-ordered it from Gamestop. The only thing the beta is for multi player only. I have heard and seen people playing against th AI in single player.

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Maticus3810d ago

Everyone I know who wanted one got one. Great for testing :)

King Klear3810d ago

Phew! I almost thought that the beta is open now, though it'S really easy to get in IMO... Easy to say when I've had my key from the start, I guess.

Cogo3810d ago

Lol, you are right. It's basically open beta!

Leord3810d ago

Don't know anyone who is not in beta (who wants to be, ofc).

Good to know the last few people are given a chance.

UIOP3810d ago

I haven't thought about it really.
Its perhaps relatively easy to get in I guess. My friends didn't want my extra key, so I donated it to a fan site.

However if it is true that most of those that wanted a key, have obtained it, then the beta should perhaps be open? Why leave a small amount behind?

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The story is too old to be commented.