E3: Force Unleashed trailer tonight

LucasArts has sent word that the first Star Wars: Force Unleashed trailer will debut tonight, not at E3 but on US telly program Entertainment Tonight.

Hopefully it'll be up on the web promptly afterwards.

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WoundedMoon4303d ago

The ET theme song will be used as the central musical theme in SW:TFU rather then the over-used Star Wars themes. Agree or Disagree?

I'm looking forward to watching it tonight. :)

M1am1U4303d ago

another game I'm really looking forward too.

SuperSaiyan44303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

I hope this will be the best Star Wars game ever!

EDIT: Just read the article and it says something putting you in the shoes of 'Darth Vader's apprentice between the episodes 3 and 4'???

Darth Vader never had an apprentice!

riqued4303d ago

I bet George Lucas will make him have one, dude.

MyNutsYourChin4303d ago

In an interview conducted a few months back, it was stated that George Lucas agreed to giving Darth Vader a secret apprentice for this game.

candystop4303d ago

I hope this best for this game!

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