Next Madden May Solve Game's Notorious Difficulty Problem

If you'd like to play video game football but you stink at it, don't worry. The next Madden will put a voice in your ear, telling you how to excel.

Kotaku recently had the opportunity to try the "Gameflow" feature of this summer's Madden NFL 11. It is the latest tool concocted by the Madden makers at Electronic Arts to make the game more accessible to those who have not kept up with the series' 20-some iterations. It's something the series has needed, given stagnating sales and, from what EA says, a growing crowd of both lapsed Madden gamers and those, like the author of this post, who just can't seem to get into the game because they can't get good at it.

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ZBlacktt3096d ago

This is a much needed move. I just got Madden 10 and I can sit there and take the Pats ( me ) Vs the Lions and still have a hard time beating them. My player's drop the ball all the time. Can't run for crap, just all makes no sense. So having like 20+ other games to play here at the house. I just pulled the game and put it back in the stack..... yawn.

fatlifeforlife3096d ago

soon all you'll have to do is hike the ball and watch the play. come on, is it really that hard to pick a play? if so, then just ask madden. thats what this basically is. asking madden in the next gen