Nier Starts Poorly in Japan this Week

From VGChartz - "The drought of important software continued for a fourth week in Japan, with no games topping 50,000 units on a single platform, let alone 100,000 units. Nier from Square-Enix did top 50,000 units across PS3 and X360. It was easily the best performing game of the week.

Still, a flood of big content comes next week. There is potentially up to a million units of software sold between Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 when they arrive on PSP and DS April 29 and April 28. Preorders for Dragon Quest now stand at over 320,000, while Metal Gear has over 240,000 preorders. Super Street Fighter also has over 20,000 preorders for PS3.

Preorders continue to slowly trickle upwards for games releasing after Golden Week as well. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has about 10,000 preorders for Wii. Monster Hunter X360 has 15,000 preorders."

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Anon73493728d ago

Nier is gonna be like one of those niche titles that take a long time to sell well, and with word of mouth the game will catch on.

It's defiantly a good game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3727d ago

release Vagrant Story 2 instead.

Braineater24483727d ago

I havent seen a single bit of advertising on the game. How is anyone who doesnt frequent game blogs supposed to know about it?

Raoh3727d ago

well for one thing, its confusing to the japanese...

what if your a ps3 owner and want nier gestalt? 360's arent selling in japan so i dont see people buying a 360 for gestalt.. and like i said if they wanted gestalt, maybe they wont want the ps3 version replicant.. unless your an rpg gamer and you would want to play both...

this just seems like such a silly move to have two separate stories in japan where where console ratio is lop sided.. would maybe make more sense to do this in the states..

Anon73493724d ago

This is pretty much confirmed in japan.

The JP 360 and North America have the inferior version.

The reason behind it was because they didn't think the JPPS3 version would sell at all in north america, so they planted in some random "manly character" and other bullsh.t to make it "appeal" to north american gamers.