PALGN: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review

PALGN writes: "The birth of the Command & Conquer series in 1995 was a major event for the gaming scene, with the original Command & Conquer proving to be a worldwide hit and a title which changed the face of real-time strategy gaming forever. But what goes up, must eventually come down and now fifteen years on from its celebrated beginning, the once spirited gaming franchise is now a mere shadow of its former glory. What was once a fresh, clever game design is now staler than last week's loaf of bread and with fans moving on to other RTS titles such as: Supreme Commander 2, Dawn of War II and the upcoming StarCraft II thanks to their fresh take on the strategy genre, EA LA went back to the drawing board in an attempt to win back those that have drifted away from the series."

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