Agarest Senki Zero Wages War On One More Console

In typical Idea Factory fashion, another one of their PlayStation 3 games is coming to the Xbox 360. Agarest Senki Zero, a prequel to Record of Agarest War, is the latest game to get post release port treatment.

Agarest Senki Zero came out in Japan last June. Mega retailer Softmap is taking pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version and according to their pre-order slip it's due in stores on July 29, 2010. While this port has not been officially announced by Compile Heart, their GDC portfolio says Agarest Senki Zero for the Xbox 360 exists. We also know Compile Heart was searching for a publisher in the West to pick the game up at the show.

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sinncross3729d ago

The first saw an eventual 360 port so I dont see why not the prequel. That said, the sequel to the first is currently ps3 only

Godmars2903729d ago

Hasn't the 360 disc version been released while the DLC-only PS3 one still waiting?

Nevermind the big turnoff that its a 10GB download. Don't even thing the price has been announced yet.

Redempteur3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

wait agarest senki zeor is the sequel of agarest senki ...what's with this prequel stuff ?

Edit : ok the story is BEFORE the first game ..

ok ok , as long as someone license it in europe like the first ....

Myst3729d ago

<is confuzled>

Oh wait this is what the prequel? To the game that I was thinking of getting Record of Agarest War. Still unsure though I really don't like downloading full games. Even though I upgraded my PS3 hard drive (had a 40 before which is why I was weary). Still not to sure, I've grown fond of discs...

Saw the battle system and still a bit unsure...Looks like an enjoyable RPG though.

Redempteur3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

the ps3 downloadable version of Record of agarest war should appear soon , but the game is already out in europe and japan .. i got the eur version and it's a good game ... nothing exceptionnal but enough to waste time on ..., sidesquests , choices , numerous paths , some amount of innutendo (eichi) and plenty of hours before you see the endings credits ...( the story is told through 5 generations of people ...that's plenty of event to see )

As for this game ( agarest zero ) it's basicaly the same thing with more combo, and some tweaks in the gameplay mecanics .. Also the story seems to happen BEFORE the events of the first game , kinda like how baten kaitos 2 is set before baten kaitos 1.

Ps : agarest war is quite challenging , even on the normal setting ...

Myst3728d ago

Late reply, but thanks for the reply you gave Redempteur. I guess it's a matter now as to whether or not I would like it on my Hard drive or not. I was generally going to leave that space for PSX Classics and certain PSN games. Not to sure, the RPG-ist in my wants to buy it, but the kind of common sense person doesn't.

I suppose when summer starts I'll have decided, though I suppose in a way it would make it easier so that I don't have to find the disc.