Turn a PSP Into a PS2 With This Controller Hack

This hack didn't require any hardware alteration in either the PSP or the PS2 controller - just a custom-made plug-in that enables the controller usage. Perhaps more impressive is the guy playing Full Auto 2 with one hand while he films with the other.

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darkmurder3098d ago

Whats he doing with his third arm?

2Spock3098d ago

I wouldn't call it useless. This would make it more of a portable PS2 console than just a handheld. More you can do with it better in my eyes.

BloodyNapkin3098d ago

Well i would like to play some of the PSP exclusives on the TV with a PS2 controller. I am not saying it is the greatest thing in the world but it is not useless by any means.

Sheikh Yerbouti3098d ago

I would use my PSP a lot more.

silvacrest3098d ago

with so many things needed why not just get a ps2 or ps3? it would be less hassle

also, this thing is not portable at all so it is pretty useless

Reibooi3098d ago

Maybe because there are tons of incredible games on the PSP that are not on the PS2 or PS3. Crisis Core, Dissidia, MGS Peace Walker, along with a ton of others I'm to lazy to try and remember.

I for one would LOVE to play Crisis Core on a TV as if it was a PS2 game. The experience would just be much better.

silvacrest3098d ago

lol @ 13 disagrees with only 9 comments in total (at the time) and only one actual reply

dont the dis agreers want to comment?

@Reibooi, i never said their weren't worthy games to play on the PSP, personally i loved resistance on the PSP

all im saying is this device removes the portable functions of the PSP, unless you play your PSP at home mostly, it has limited useage also, i was not talking about the TV-OUT function, just the pad and bulky device

Sheikh Yerbouti3098d ago

It is still there. Certain games I take on the run (WipeOut Pure). Some I would play on a LCD TV (MGS Peacewalker).

Plus if there was a blackout during play of God of War Chains of Olympus on my TV, I'd be a'ight.

It's called choice, dullard.

napoleon_ist3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

october 2009, with FAT PSP (1000) and no additional plugin...

thehitman3098d ago

there is a way to do this on the ps3 easier w/ a ps3 controller...

NateNater3098d ago

Yep. PSPgo supports playing games with a PS3 remote and its wireless.

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