Killzone 2 Video Comparison: Target Render Vs. Real-time HD

Just how close does the finished product come to the target render?

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zantetsuken6131d ago

This E3 is turning out to be great.

I have to give them credit, I didn't think they'd get this close.

Be real, give credit where it's due.

MK_Red6131d ago

Agreed, they deserve credit but I think the game is not close enough to target trailer BUT thats not the case since this is Pre-pre-alpha as the devs said so what I'm really excited about is that the final product can surpass the E3 2005 trailer.
This is the best pre-alpha gameplay I've seen, cant wait for more.

Also Known As6131d ago

maybe this will refresh the minds of the sony faithfull and make them realize sony really was lying about how good the game was going to look. The actual game looks nowhere near as good and thats even with the help of some CGI cutscenes added to the actual gameplay of the new 2007 video.

23478ueyur_9382236131d ago (Edited 6131d ago )

AKA, no need to talk rubbish about something you clearly do not know.

There was no CGI in that video. And no one lied. If anyone realistically expected it to match the trailer exactly, they'd have to be stupid. They did a great job, and only a blind ignoramus would pass it off as a bad job.

Edit: Nice! An idiot went through disagreeing with all positive comments! Typical.

sony fan6131d ago (Edited 6131d ago )

Even though the video is very flat and without detail, the game still only has half the detail of the video, but I don't care. Lets all say it it is the bomb and even though it is not as good as they said we will still be happy and talk like it is good enough, or as good as expected, and ignore that it is not what was promised. I mean we it's not like we could even put together an E3 without a bunch of FUTURE PROMISES unlike MS, they think they are so cool with their " our games are here now" crap. I mean, who needs that? I like to wait for my games, Yea, sony, thanks for the game....some time next year....that looks as good as it could, I guess. Yea sony, lets band together sony fans, we have to help each other out give me bubbles give me bubbles we can do it together sony fans we can do it!! You must believe!! and Pray!! and ignore reality.

the greatest6130d ago

Sony Surprise almost everybody
even microsoft didnt see that coming

Rhaigun6130d ago

...is it going to play well. If anyone remembers, I don't think it was bad graphics that brought the first Killzone down. It was the lack of original gameplay, shoddy controls and poor level design. These are the areas they need to work on if they're going to get things right.

ReconHope6130d ago

even better in some respects.

look at these screen comparisons.


ReconHope6130d ago

"if the 07 had a smoother look then id say it matched but it is grittier and darker with more detail so is a good trade of but great all the same"

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Blankman6131d ago

i really don't see it getting any closer than this. The trailer was impressive on many levels and the gameplay had parts that were even more impressive than the trailer. Offcourse it is impossible to get to that trailer but they have done an incredibly fantastic job at even getting this close at this stage in development. Nobody really thought they could do it so we all simply need to not critisize and give them their props where its due

MK_Red6131d ago

If what we saw was indeed pre-pre-alpha then the game has the chance to get much better (Remember the old pre-alpha Ratchet & Clank TOD vids compared to the full new Pixar quality R&C TOD ones?).
The game has potential to go beyond the trailer but will the devs be able to pull such a graphical wonder while making the gameplay good and deep? And all this in time since Sony may push the devs to make it ready for announced time.
I hope they can and the game can be all its meant to be.

mmike8556131d ago

The Guerrila QA man Seb even mentioned how people will say parts of the E3 2007 showing were prerendered, or CGI. None of the latest Killzone 2 media is pre-rendered. I mean, come on, look while they are swooping over the city into the distance, there is some texture pop up. And Guerrila wouldn't create some dodgy floor textures for a cutscene. The game will shock and awe, and I am immensely excited to see how it continues to develop. I am startled particularly by the detail in each characters face, and the sheer magnitude of things going on in the new media. In the E3 2005 trailer, you landed in a pretty desolate outpost. The sheer number of objects exploding is quite nice, and I am excited to see the incredible particle effects and lighting system in the other levels.

akaFullMetal6131d ago

i think it looks pretty close, the only real difference is the explosion clouds, that is all that is very different, and like mk_red says it is in pre pre alpha, so i think alot is going to be added before the game is released and will look better, and so well have to wait for a comparison when it finally comes out