Home (PSN) E3 2007 Features Presentation

Enter a virtual world with your own space and innovative HD features.

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harpua4170d ago

damm, looks pretty sweet. totally expanding this thing further.

Raiyel4170d ago

at first i was on the fence... but now im beginning to think more and more that home will revolutionize everything...

mmike8554170d ago

Home says a lot about the future of Gaming and social networking... There was a time when people thought social networking was a joke, and community based play was for a niche market... I just want them to keep showing us the dynamics of home... Is it just me, or does it look a lot better than the first build they showed us?

Merovee4170d ago

That's sick. Lemmie just rub on my phone and put you in my house, this is like a stalkers wet dream lol. Looks a lot better than my beta right now too.

boi4169d ago

well in will attract lots of new buyers :D