E3 2010: The Confirmations So Far

CC: It's under eight weeks until the E3 Expo kicks off in L.A., and it's expected to become one of the most important outings for the industry in a long time. We've given a guess as to what will appear, but what's been solely confirmed?

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WildArmed4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

Wow, thats more info than i expected.
I'm extremely excited about Zelda (even though i dont own a wii anymore!)

I'm betting that Sony is going to focus on the PS3 gaming more than PSmotion gaming.. as they did a great job @ GDC cover PSmove.
On the otherhand, i expect MS to push Natal. We haven't heard anything new about it since last E3. So, I'm betting on a heavy natal based E3 for them.

Nintendo.. wow..
Just show me Zelda and Dragon Quest.. then you can leave ^_^ That's more than enough to make me feel all fuzzy inside lol
Those two are the only games that make me regret gifting my Wii to my lil' cuzin.
But alas, what can you do eh?

oh, MGS:R is also in the spot light for me.

I'mma die hard MGS fan (if you havn't noticed in the last 3 years lol)

tatotiburon4969d ago

you forgt that microsoft will have two conference, one just for NATAL and the other for the hardcore audience

hamoor4969d ago

what i really want to see in e3
1.resistance 3
2.ffvii remake exclusive to the ps3
3.new cunker or KI3 (and make it good this time rare)
4.shenmue 3 exclusive to the 360
5.new dino crisis
6.Devil may cry 5
7.paper mario for the 3ds(or atleast super smash bros.)
8.lost odyssey 2 (very underrated jrpg)
9.warhawk 2 (am i the only one who LOVE this game?)
10.pikmin 3 for the wii

Dee_914969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

wanna see next gta & infamous

WildArmed4969d ago

You're misinformed.
MS will have ONE conference, but they will hold a Natal 'party' or w/e.
It is NOT a conference.

Please take time to sort out the rumors and facts.

Wolf8734969d ago

I'm all up for a new Dino Crisis :D. But I wouldn't get my hopes up.

SixZeroFour4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

@sky - wheres the link to that announcement...i also thought they were holding 2 conferences, one for natal and the other for 360 itself

edit: http://www.thelostgamer.com...

i guess its not technically a conference, but im sure they will be showing or talking about new games for natal and stuff like that

ABizzel14969d ago

For once I'm excited for EVERY conference.

Sony- Always the one I'm most excited for. I want to see what new games should we expect. Warhawk 2, Gran Turismo 5, SOCOM 4, Twisted Metal, inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Motorstorm 3 and whatever else they have cooking over there. I also want to see the motion games, and what old games are going to get patched for motion controller.

Nintendo- I really want to see Zelda and Metroid Other M (since it got delayed). I'm interested in the 3DS, but Zelda and Metroid are by far the biggest things I'm looking forward to.

MS- I expect NATAL to be the big thing, but I want to see Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach. Hopefully they'll announce some new DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 as well, and I'll be satisfied.

This should be one of the best E3's ever.

ChickeyCantor4968d ago

" you forgt that microsoft will have two conference, one just for NATAL and the other for the hardcore audience"

They care sh/t about the "hardcore" audience, they care for the media that is going to attent. The more BS you can spread the more BS there will be out there.

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Valay4969d ago

3DS and Zelda Wii. That's all I need to make me happy.

mjolliffe4969d ago

3DS is the first Nintendo handheld that I have even the slightest interest in, even when I haven't seen it!

Looking forward to the unveil :)

kevco334969d ago

Not really surpised by anything here, but I think that was the point!