Xbox 360 or PS3 Version: Which Is More Popular?

Kotaku: In Japan, role-playing game Nier has been released in two flavors: Nier Replicant for the PS3 and Nier Gestalt for the Xbox 360. Which version do you think is more popular in Japan?

So in Japan, the most popular version is, wait for it, the PS3 version. Shocking!

The difference between the two versions is the character design and the relationship between two characters. Oh, and one version is on a console that not many people in Japan own.

Shinjuku retailer Yodobashi Camera is a good case study.

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Nicholas Cage3099d ago

IF the 360 version was better. there both good. back to gow3 titan mode hell yea!

darthv723099d ago

While i have both I tend to base my decision to purchase on controller comfort not to mention if there is a playable demo available.

Just last night I made the purchase of after burner climax for 360 even though it is available for the ps3. I tried the demo and prefer the controller for this sort of arcade game on the 360.

Street fighter 4 I like the control of the ps3. It can go both ways so there is no definite answer other than personal preference.

ZombieAutopsy3099d ago

funny how darth gets disagrees just for stating a non-offensive opinion.

Natsu X FairyTail3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Dude. Even if the xbox360 version was better They woulda still picked the pS3 version because They own more of them. I dont see why Kotaku keeps making these articles.

WildArmed3099d ago

There are 5mil+ owners of ps3... vs 1mil+ 360 owners (I may be wrong, this is according to my knowledge i have about japan.. which is extremely limited)

I dont think they'd go buy a 360 even if the 360 version appealed to them.
They'd just pick it up on w/e platform they have it on.

Mo0eY3099d ago

It's probably to keep you NPD lovers in line. The USA does not equal the world.

GiantEnemyCrab3099d ago

Nothing like an article stating the obvious.

I'd like to know how it's doing outside of Japan. My guess not very well on either system.

NateNater3099d ago

I'd like to see which version is more popular outside of Japan.

WildArmed3099d ago

And I'd like to see a decent game..
From what I hear, Neir isn't anything to look forward to..
but i've only seen one review on N4G so far.. =/

NateNater3099d ago

Yea. Me too. Well as of right now both versions of Nier hold 71s on Metacritic. So I guess it's an ok game.

raztad3099d ago

Come on. What kind of article is this? there is an extremely slim chance the xbox version sells more than the PS3's

Mo0eY3099d ago

"Otaku is a Japanese word meaning unhealthily obsessed. In Japan, otaku are further sub-classed into being creepy crazy for either video games, anime, manga, or idol singers. In the U.S. it's been mostly associated with fans of anime and manga. We are told that using "ko-" at the beginning of the word instead of "o-" adds an additional connotation of small, but Matt is 5'10", which in Japan is lavishly vertical. So you see, it all makes sense."

Can you blame them? Their name originates from Japan which means OBSESSIVE.

Godmars2903099d ago

Surprising that No More Heroes only sold slightly better on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.