Preview: Nier (DualShockers)

Chad Awkerman of DualShockers writes, "The new IPs continue to come out of Square-Enix, which is a nice change from them tossing out every Final Fantasy remake known to mankind for all handheld platforms, right? The latest new IP out of the RPG behemoth is Nier. What confuses most people about this title is that it is being marketed and released under two separate names on two different platforms in Japan. Let's take a look at it and see if we can dispel that confusion..."

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Hitman07693154d ago

I am excited to play this. To be honest I think the entire replicant version sounds terrible and I'm glad they did not release it in the states. Enough with assuming people cannot handle cultural differences and just make the game that the vision calls for...

Chadness3154d ago

I think the more mature-looking Nier fits the style, tone and story of this game better, but I can't say I'm a fan of the need for Western games to feature protagonists tha look like they've been injected with steroids since birth.

Hitman07693154d ago

This game looks refreshing and surprising.

iiprotocolii3154d ago

Game looks interesting. First ugly protagonist I see since Kratos, though. But, I really want to give this game a try.