Final Fight: Double Impact Review (DualShockers)

François Chang of DualShockers writes, "When reviewing a game like Final Fight: Double Impact, it would be unfair to judge the game like any other game released today. With a game like this, it's all about how much it reminds you of your childhood and how well it was pulled off! Having Final Fight and Magic Sword packaged into one download for the price of $10, this is one of the best re-releases in a long time. They're both 2D side-scrolling beat 'em ups that are still great fun to play today..."

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Hitman07693723d ago

I was a big fan of Final Fight (among other 2D fighters) but I've never tried the other game included in this grab pack. I will definitely keep my eye open for a chance to grab this when I get some funds.

Hitman07693723d ago

Good to know this doesn't suck!

Chadness3723d ago

Was never a fan of this genre back in the day, but it's nice to see games like these re-released in today's market.

AzarVC3723d ago