Evidence Suggests Steam is Coming to Linux

They're no longer tied to Windows. Now Phoronix has taken a look at a beta version of Steam for Mac and found evidence that suggests Valve is working on a port for Linux as well.

Inside the launcher is a script that checks the platform for whether it is OS X or Linux, which would be nonsense unless Valve was really working on Linux.

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Noctis Aftermath3103d ago

Make it happen valve, linux getting more games and more developer support would be so full of win i can't even describe it.

Rhythmattic3101d ago

I reckon they are on the money.

I mean, After all, OSX and Linux foundations are based on UNIX.

Good move.

Darkfocus3101d ago

this rocks if only it was for every steam game. If directx11 can be hacked onto windows xp I don't see why there isn't a Directx10 port for linux. then I could ditch windows entirely.

dkgshiz3101d ago

You could run so many more games natively.

Raypture3101d ago

Very true as linux is much less bloated than either mac or windows. I do hope that they don't tie it in to only pupular distros like Ubuntu and Mint though.

I was hoping this would happen, now if adobe follow suite with their products (photoshop, illustrator etc) I can switch to linux fully.

If linux starts getting a lot of third party support mac and windows are going to see a run for their money VERY quickly unless they pay pre-builders not to give them the option to put it on computers (stupid from a business perspective though, considering that you lower the price of your product, and I actually found linux simpler to use than windows.)

Finalfantasykid3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

"I was hoping this would happen, now if adobe follow suite with their products (photoshop, illustrator etc) I can switch to linux fully."

Photoshop runs fine for me using Wine. I'm not sure about illustrator, but I would imagine it works fine aswell.

You can check there for which versions work, and find out any problems that might come up.

I know what you are saying though, it would be nice if those products would become available for linux. natively.

Raypture3101d ago

I could run it under wine but I've heard multiple people tell me they ran into problems with wine so I've stayed away from it, may give it a test run soon though to see how it works on this computer though since I'm currently dual booting xp and ubuntu.

mrv3213101d ago

As a Linux only user ( no dual booting ) I very much welcome this... but I have Wine.

duplissi3101d ago

linux ftw! i sadly dual boot still, but im rocking mint and i love it

mrv3213101d ago

Ubuntu 9.1 here, it boots surprisingly quick, I just wish I could dual boot with UNR... or Moblin

Finalfantasykid3101d ago

I have XP still on my computer, but I only use it for storage now, I have not booted into it for months.
I am running Ubuntu 9.10, and I can't wait for 10.04.

If this rumour ends up being true, it could be great news for Linux gamers. It might also serve as a catalyst for other developers to make games for Linux.

Letros3101d ago

This is good, with Steam having Mac and Linux support, hopefully we see more OpenGL titles, while I love my W7 gaming rig, I can't help but think MS is somewhat holding back the open source gaming platforms.

nnotdead3101d ago

i love win7 but i would love this as well. dual boot with Linux on a couple of times, and i really did like Ubuntu. this is the type of thing that could really bring a lot more Linux users.

jy_mrnd3101d ago

This is great news the more PC gamers the more games we will see on PC and support for our platform.

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