Editorial: Sega, Mature Games and the Wii

Jordan Lund examines statements made recently by Mike Hayes, and ponders the future of mature titles on the Wii.

Excerpt: "There are two key titles coming up on the Wii which the bean-counters are going to be watching very, very closely. The first is the just released Monster Hunter Tri which sold over half a million copies in two days when in launched in Japan. The next is the aforementioned Tournament of Legends next month.

The question is "Will either of these be another Mario and Sonic or will they be another Dead Space: Extraction (EA's attempt at a mature title that only sold 19,000 copies at launch)?"

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N4g_null3099d ago

Monster hunter tri sit at 1 million already with out the help of the US or the UK, It's pretty safe to say it was a success. TOL not many people want this game now and they expressed why openly, does the dev go back and change it nope, they just send it out to pasture to die. OH well...

tunaks13099d ago

TOL doesnt look too bad, i wanted Gladiator AD for sure,
but TOL seems like a good rental, and if its worth it i may get it,
but yeah i dont know if ppl will buy TOL.

SpoonyRedMage3099d ago

Making TOL budget priced was definitely the right choice.

The gameplay and graphics look pretty good but the lack of content is ridiculious. For a reduced rice though it might be worth considering.

Shnazzyone3099d ago

Going online i have already counted possibly 10,000 people playing online tonight at around 2 am(eastern time). So lots of people have apparently bought it... it should be a surprising result i feel. I know preorders were in low supply at my gamestop. Since this is currently one of the best advertised mature wii title to date... its hard to believe this wont do well.

JonahFalcon3098d ago

What if Monster Hunter Tri fails in the US?

Seekerofthewind3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

If it fails in the U.S., then it fails in the U.S. Somehow, though, I don't think it will. I mean, it's an honestly great effort put into a game, ground-up made for the Wii, and not sent out quietly to die or sandwiched within three/four other major releases? Heck, it would surprise me if it were to fail.