E3 2007: Sony Unveils 'Infamous' Game

Sony unveiled a new PlayStation 3 game being developed by Sucker Punch, creators of Sly Cooper. Slated for 2008 and called Infamous, the title is set in a much darker, grittier world than that of the cartoon racoon.

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tehcellownu4304d ago

sony is goin to rule with games in the end of this year and 08

[email protected]4304d ago

Indeed. Incoming months are package with tons of game... for this year and the next one PS3 got the enough arsenal to torn any other game or console.

MK_Red4304d ago

We didnt get Sly 4 but this is nothing short of that. Another game added to my "Cant wait list".

Vojkan4304d ago

This is new IP, we will get Sly 4 eventually. Something like Insomniac. First new IP Resistance, than Ratchet

MyNutsYourChin4304d ago

Wow. This game looks incredible. This is very promising for PS3 fans who are in dire need of some great new games.

Adamalicious4304d ago

Man I wanna see the trailer. I don't think that Sly is gone for good.

hazeblaze4304d ago

The trailer was pretty sweet graphically... but it was only a teaser so we've yet to see what the gameplay will look like.

Anyway, after seeing all the games for 07 & the few already announced for 08... PS3'ers have nothing to worry about. I'd dare say they are getting the best line up of the three for the rest of this year and the beginning of next.

Bubble me guys, I'm givin u props!

Lucidmantra4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I agree PS3 is getting some good titles. It is about time. Alot of people are looking lovingly at their PS3 sitting there and saying

"Some day, some day I will love you more. But for today I have nothing to love you with..."

It is getting a solid bunch of titles. Unfortunately I cannot agree with the fact that it is getting the STRONGEST set of titles for this holiday period. Since MGS has slipped out of the cycle to early 08.. PS3 will be looking to do some serious work against Halo, Bioshock, and a serious looking group of titles for the 360 only during that period. Unfortunately I think MS is playing it a little heavy this holiday trying to snuff out PS3 before the battle gets started and like sony says it is a marathon not a footrace. It might seriously backfire on MS as I i look out to the future of last 2008 and early 2009... Sure there is Marvel Universe Online and some other things out there but we have not heard word one. It is very interesting on a business strategy level to see how they are playing each other. Ninetendo is just blanketing the competition with one waggle control after another and laughing all the way to the bank as they nickle and dime nickle and dime the competition with a cheaper price and cheaper dev cycle for companies and using masterful yet cheap gimmick one right after the other.

Lastly, stating something that is obvious then begging for bubbles should earn you anti-bubbles in my world. Come and bring something to the conversation act in a mature way then you get bubbles.

MyNutsYourChin4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Although I disagree with your opinion on Nintendo, your reply to hazeblaze was insightful, interesting, and not as ignorant and immature as most of the posts on N4G.

I highly agree with your statement about "bringing something to the conversation in a mature way" and bubbles should be given to those who do.

In my opinion, I think the PS3 is going to get some vivid and entertaining material within the next year. The games may not be high in quantity but quality wise, there will be some great games, and that's really what we want. Isn't it? The PS3 gamer has been waiting, some patiently and some not, for a solid block of quality games. In fact, I think both the Wii core gamer and the general PS3 gamer have been waiting anxiously for games that will get them immersed into the story and entertained by the gameplay.

I think the release of at least a few of these games is finally within our horizon.

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The story is too old to be commented.