Chillingo Establishing Itself as Top-Tier iPad and iPhone Publisher

Chillingo is fast establishing itself as one of the better game publishers supporting the iPad and iPhone, with an impressive lineup of titles that are packed with quality and addictive entertainment. Perhaps best of all, Chillingo is eclectic, not rooted in a specific genre but playing the field, offering everything from dual-stick shooters like Minigore to retro dungeon crawlers in Sword of Fargoal Legends to brain-punishing puzzle games like Cogs.

With so many apps available for the iPhone and iPad, it can be extremely difficulty to separate the quality from the crap. One way of doing so is keeping track of publishers who have delivered quality in the past and Chillingo is fast-becoming one of those names you can trust. Let's take a look at just a few of their top-tier games:

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