Aion: New 1.9 Details Overview

IncGamers goes over the latest details to be revealed about Aion's upcoming patch 1.9, which includes a new Mist Rental system and the Armsfusion / Armsbreaking mechanics.

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Leord4117d ago

I have never played the game, but keep being sent messages from the developer to confirm my subscription or my account is frozen...

Cogo4117d ago

They are account scammers. If you don;t have an Aion account, you should be safe, but delete them without opening them to be on the safe side.

Fyzzu4117d ago

If only Armsfusion and Armsbreaking actually meant limbs, rather than weapons. That would make this, simultaneously, the creepiest and the best game ever.

Maticus4117d ago

They're really pioneering some awesome new things in Aion, I wonder if we'll see any of this in WoW.

Malfurion4117d ago

I'm sure these things are present in other games, I just can't name them. Anyone?

Gun_Senshi4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Aion fails. there is no end game and pvp is massivly imbalanced.

If you played aion you know what PVP Means in Aion.

Paralyze VS Paralyze, who procs paralyze first wins!

At least rental system I will not auto loose to people with gold armor despite their skills because i'm using blues. Hurray I get resists only and be one shotted by all classes even Templars that are wearing golds! Nice Balance! (assassin class)

Also, Patch 1.9 will add imunite to stuns and aerial shackles for everyone for 7 seconds, which will nerf Assassin to being cannon fodder only, and the implementation of binding 2 handed weapons will make dual wielding even more horrible, and glads aoe raping hundreds of people in one shot.

Trust me a Glad under transformation buffing up and unleashing severe precision cut = kill nearly everyone in fort sieges.

Montrealien4117d ago

Aion was the closest I came to concidering switching from WoW, sadly it is no WoW. As an avid MMORPG and World of Warcraft fan, I am actually getting rather excited at the prospect of finding a game that I prefer to wow because what ever it will be, it will be a great game.

Dorjan4117d ago

What a neat idea to "rent" weapons!

mortalrage4116d ago

I'm still playing it and I can't wait till this patch hits!!!!

Fort battles are awesome...