Rumor: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Getting A Sequel?

Sonic Stadium: According to the above 18th Feb 2010 report from WatchMojo Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is getting a sequel and that's not all, they say SEGA have hinted they are saving characters from other games in their library for this sequel.

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Demons Souls3101d ago

The first one was terrible. I thought the Sonic tennis game was a lot better than this and I hate tennis. I have a feeling they will milk Sonic in some other games like football & baseball.

crck3101d ago

And what was so terrible about it? Aside from the frame rate issue the game looks better and plays just as well as Mario Kart.

killcycle3101d ago

Exactly, It was pretty damn impressive, the best Sega game I've played in a while.

Believe it or not but me and my local friends actually have alot more fun playing this then we do with Mario Kart.

I'd love a sequel, Sega should throw in some more Sega characters like characters from Golden Axe, Toejam & Earl and Streets Of Rage :)