Dark Void Coming to GFWL

That Gaming Site writes: "Airtight Game's Dark Void is getting an exclusive GFWL re-release on the GFWL Marketplace on April 21st, 2010."


The game is now available on the GFWL Marketplace for $44.99.

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Elven63106d ago

The demo wasn't bad but definitely not a $60 game, if it's priced at $30 or less I'm going to buy it.

raiden_933106d ago

It looked genuinely good but ended up being rather generic. Nice to see it end up on GFWL though.

Hellsvacancy3106d ago

I didnt mind Dark Void, i rented it, ive played alot of crappy games this gen but Dark Void wasnt all that bad, it was rather enjoyable once u get used 2 the controls

Cernex3106d ago

It doesn't look all that bad... I might end up getting it IF it is priced just around $40 bucks or so.

Gamer7l3106d ago

...since the 360 version was $40.00

Pandamobile3106d ago

I got this game for free from Nvidia. I downloaded it just to see the pretty PhysX effect and wasn't even able to set them above Low. Apparently you need a completely separate GPU to do the PhysX for the game (and I couldn't dedicate one of my GTX 295's GPU's to PhysX).

Dark Avoid.

Cheeseknight283106d ago

"Airtight Game's Dark Void is getting an exclusive GFWL re-release..."

It's amazing how much the word "exclusive" is thrown around these days.

Megaton3106d ago

Hardly has any meaning anymore, like "innovative".

M337ING3106d ago

This is great news for those who want some extra Achievement points.

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