PSLS: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

3D Dot Game Heroes is a fan service to old school gamers. That being said, the game is so much fun that it is enjoyable for anyone who picks up this gem of a title. The game doesn't blow you away with its story or characters, but instead with its charm that shines through with every "dot". The 10-12 hour quest is filled with much to do, and you'll have fun doing it. Rounding out the game is the character creation, the mini games and more, all of which together make 3D Dot Game Heroes an outright steal at $40. Silicon Studio, Atlus and From Software have really outdone themselves; they have created a masterpiece made of blocks.

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Scolar Visari3502d ago

Getting this game the day it comes out ;)

doctorstrange3502d ago

This looks like a awesome take on the retro game scene

cmrbe3502d ago

for me from purchasing this game