Rage of the Gladiator: A Perfect Fight shows a fight from Rage of the Gladiator where a "Rank: S" is attained.

CwG discusses other details about Rage of the Gladiator and the video, saying in one section, "You may not have noticed, but the different special attacks actually do different amounts of damage to Tagon.
The further down the skill tree the attack is, the more damage it will do.
The Ancient Tornado is the third level down in the Magic branch, while the Aerial Assualt is on the first level of the Offense branch."

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CoffeewithChess3106d ago

Has anybody else completed the "Challenge Mode" in Rage of the Gladiator?

readiandnot3106d ago

I'm really impressed by the looks of this game. Those special attacks were really awesome!

hardcorez3106d ago

Dude! The game play looks better than I thought it would!

CoffeewithChess3106d ago

Those were only two special attacks, there game has 31 portions of the skill tree than can be filled, but not all 31 are combo attacks like the ones in the video. Some are defensive awareness increase, like increasing the chances you will automatically block an incoming attack.

The game-play is extremely well done in the game.
As I said in the article portion, I'm playing through the game again, using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls now.