A Game To End the Console War?

Yeah that's right, and the irony of it all is that it will be settled exclusively on the PS3. As promised, Compile Heart has unearthed new details in the upcoming RPG, Super Dimensional Game Neptune. The concept places a parody on a realistic yet sophisticated emphasis that gets in all that are involved in this industry in some way or fashion, the console war.

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Godmars2903103d ago

Don't see how, given that this game is only on one console and probably wont leave Japan besides.

Redempteur3103d ago

actually it's a war against piracy as the evil godess is the ds flashcart (r4 and the like ).

Anyway it's full of good vibes and it might be fun to play just won't leave japan that's a shame

Redrum0593103d ago

i think for a game to end the console war, it would have to have The best graphics, story, gameplay, mechanics, online(optional), AI, Enemy AI, game lenghth, and best edvertisement. the game does look interesting though.

cry from the sky3103d ago

Gran Turismo 5, The Real Driving Simulator...Destined Generation Through Generation To Pawn.

Godmars2903103d ago

The only way the console war ends is if companies stop exploiting the fanbase of their products and said fabase from 10 to 40 stop acting like they're 8.

The last especially applies to anyone with a blog who call themselves journalist and are concerned more about generating hits to their sites than facts.

fishd3103d ago

"Can you be the one to fiiiiinaly finish me?"

God I missed MGS4 :'(

Here's to you Snake *Salutes*

sinclaircrown3103d ago

The ONLY way to end the console war is to have only one console on the market. No competition means no "war".

Therefore the console "war" will never end. Sony, MS and Ninty I'm sure are very happy to have each other as competition. Without competition, the need for inovation goes away. As long as all three are constantly trying to capture different parts of the market from each other, it will go on forever. And for gamers, that is good news.

These companies are not going all out to be the #1 selling console maker. They're all going all out to try and make a huge profit, then put a lot of that into R&D for the next gen of gaming, and try to out do each other again. The simple truth is, fanboys care more about who's selling more than the companies do. As long as they're all around the same install base, they will be happy.

If this gen "ends" with one company selling 120m consoles compared to anothers 110m consoles, neither will really care about that gap because they all sold a crapload.

FragGen3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Why does every Japanese game look like some kind of weird soft p0rn?

exnihilonihilfit3103d ago

Um, the game is just about the console war. It's a big analogy for the console war, and the title of the article is just to indicate that beating the game will bring about the end of the war being waged in the game, and therefore symbolically an end to the console war. If you guys would read articles, you would know that it says nothing about an actual end to the console war.

Redempteur3103d ago


finally someone who read articles !!

it was about time ( was wondering if there were this few people actually reading before commenting )

Bonsai12143103d ago

read the article guys.. its about a game that has characters based on each of the consoles duking it out.

fox023103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

For a game to end the console war, it'll literally have to kill the opposite console (it's a war after all), meaning it'll stop selling.

UltimateIdiot9113103d ago

I'm almost sure NIS America will publish it. In fact, I hope they do since I enjoy many of the niche title they bring over. Looks like an interesting game.

Godmars2903103d ago

Yeah, but they're all really friends who respect each other.

Which mean the game ends in one big lesbian orgy...

Chris3993103d ago

Game looks fun. And in a previous article on the title, the developers said that thy are actively looking for a NA publisher, so the game will get a release over here.

ExgamerLegends23103d ago

but more direct. I'd have it set up like MvC. cept of course it would be Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo. Have all the all stars from each company dukin it out. (Its about time sack boy kicked Mario's you know what). Then the multiplat stars could be judges or somethin... i dunno.

N4g_null3102d ago

YAY its over... how can it be the console war with out post boards forums and HHG and kotaku and IGN!

PoSTedUP3102d ago

who the hell wants to end the console war? i know most of yall dont, yall love it!

the only way to end the console war is to stop the hate, and the only way to stp the hate is to have all consoles be equal in games and graphics and controls, no 1 wants that, the companys dont want it either, if they would all benifit and make a lot of money individually they would come together, but thats not the case. it is better the way it is with companys innovating and making their own hard earned money and us having a variety + entertaining us by talking crap about the other console hehe.

the console war WILL end when the world does. thats the closest prediction we can come to.

sid4gamerfreak3102d ago

Console wars WILL never die of, because both consoles have gamers which share insecurity about their platform.

Anyway, i always sit back, eat popcorn and watch the pathetic bickering by the console fanboys. Its actually quite hilarious to the pc gamer...

N4BmpS3102d ago

oooooookay concept sounds...interesting? I guess?

Leio3102d ago

But we need this war lol
I know we all love price drop :)

Theonik3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

So sad that some of you didn't even read the article and commented on the tittle alone...
I read about this game a few weeks back, it is a real shame this will probably never leave Japan. i hope Aksys comes in to the resque because i really want to play it. :(
Funny part is that i have been wishing for such a game and now that i get it i won't be able to play. >.>

harv7113102d ago

As long as there is money to be made in the gaming industry, there will be competition for that money.

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ChozenWoan3103d ago

Represented Right Here!


Brewski0073103d ago

Way to start a flame war with that title lol.

It kinda looks too eastern for it to be released in EU and America, I would say this ones gonna stick in japan but hopefully it gets a worldwide release as it looks like something i'd like to hear more about.