NIS America president pledges PS3 Support, apologizes for Last Rebellion sucking

Lots of news from Haru Akenaga (NISA president).

- Neptune (PS3 RPG) coming over.
- No more Sakura Wars
- Apologizes for Last Rebellion
- Hints at Classic Dungeon and Zettai Hero
- "working on" anime for PSN

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ClownBelt4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

"Oh, one more thing… how is Disgaea 4 doing?

Ask me again at TGS."

OMFG!!! This series is the reason why I purchased my PS3 last December 2008.

Makes me wonder why NIS supports the PS3 even though they can easily put their game on the 360 for multiplatform release. They're third party devs afterall.

So far, TGS will have the following games

The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy Versus 13
Disgaea 4

The only thing left that would blow my head is the announcement for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5.

house4008d ago

last guardian im sooo looking forward to it hopefully they show it at tgs

Lionhead4008d ago

Great interview

Can't wait for Neptune, Ar tonelico III, and Atelier Rorona

TGS keeps sounding more appealing now =D

Disgaea ftw!

sikbeta4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I have FAITH in You NIS, I'll Support the Next Disgaea Game...


Great to Know They're going to Publish Super Dimension Game Neptune, everyone needs to get that Game

squallheart4008d ago

that game is coming to the states o.o as downloadable or retail¿

skip2mylou4008d ago

@lionhead i want a Ar Tonelico 1&2 HD Version with trophies!!! i missed out on the first 2 and now i cant find em :(

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PshycoNinja4008d ago

Kingdom Hearts III. That would freakin blow my mind!

ShadowJetX4008d ago

SquareEnix and Disney call the shots with that one. If NIS want's to publish that game, you better pray that SE finishes KH III, they somehow spontaneously go bankrupt, and beg for another developer or company to publish it, and have NIS put up the most money for that game.

Even if NIS were to somehow acquire the rights to publish KH III, I'd still look forward to the next Disgaea or Tales game.

PS; Imma excited for TGS 2010 ya'know.

Reibooi4008d ago


I didn't think we would be seeing that anytime soon for various reasons and he basically just confirmed it would be at TGS. Awesome TGS is really shaping up to be better then E3 for RPG fans.

Chris3994008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I'd say it's because making a multi still costs more money. And when you're on a shoe-string budget, which many NIS titles are, you just can't be bothered. That, and I think it's safe to say at this point that the audience just isn't there for JRPGs on the 360. There were some successes on the 360 early in it's cycle, mainly because they filled a void that existed PS3's library at that time. And if you compare sales between the platforms on multis in Japan, it's even more clear where you should be spending your development resources (as that's where the real fanbase is, us North American Otaku are secondary :P)

Plus, NIS have always been loyal to the Sony brand and their fanbase. It's pretty commendable (or stubborn, depending on your perspective) when you have companies like Square regurgitating remake after remake and whoring themselves out to every platform.

I'm glad to see that JRPGs are back on the Playstation brand. It's where my association with the genre has always been.

callahan094008d ago

Very excited for Disgaea 4. Love the franchise.

He apologized for releasing Last Rebellion? That's surprising. Other than the fetch quest at the end of the game (that was pretty annoying & unnecessary), I personally really enjoyed the game. I didn't buy it though. I rented it. It was a weekend Platinum. Really quick game. But I did enjoy it.

Graphics weren't good, but I personally didn't find them ugly, I thought they were serviceable and displayed some great art, they just weren't anywhere near showcase worthy. They were low-detailed, but high-resolution. I personally didn't think they were an eye-sore, some may disagree, though. I enjoyed the game for the story, which I know a lot of people didn't like, but it intrigued me, and the ending was very cool, I didn't expect it, and of course the very unique and creative battle system.

I loved the gameplay mechanics in that game. I really mean that. It had such unique gameplay systems, the dynamic between the two characters and their abilities, the battle system and combo mechanics, it was a very unique game in terms of how you played it, and I thought it was very fun to play for the short while that it lasted.

The one main design flaw that I thought existed was the fetch quest, as I said. Other than that, there was nothing bad about the game. But that's my opinion.

I have funny tastes, I guess.

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Homicide4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Nice that they're localizing Neptune.

Kamikaze1354008d ago

I can't see myself paying so much for digital content, lol.

Stealth20k4008d ago

Uh theyve never done a dd only ps3 game and they never will.

Gitaroo4008d ago

you never know, but even if they do, fans can keep asking and they will do a disc version like the other psp game they did.

Obama4008d ago

Namco should learn a thing or 2 from NIS. Support your fanbase.

Redempteur4008d ago

that's because they know you can get profits if you localise your efforts on the right titles ... but hey scamco is busy making ANOTHER DBZ game

UltimateIdiot9114008d ago

It's not hard, I mean, all Namco have to do is go through a few gaming sites and read through what gamers really want and think.

Seriously, how hard was it for them to bring Tales of games on system that people want to play it on. Whatever, if it goes down, gamers are not to blame for their failures.

Godmars2904008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Even though it wasn't needed.

(Okay, it was...)

But I really hope they either stop making PS2 games, or start offering them on PSN.

ExcelKnight4008d ago

Sakura Wars wasn't really their PS2 game. They just took a very long time to localize it.

As for making PS2-quality games, the president of NIS (this dude's the pres. of NISA) said that they were working on making better looking PS3 games to catch up with the generation. HD sprites or cell-shaded 3D is fine by me.

Noctis Aftermath4008d ago

Cell-shaded? dude you read my freakin' mind!

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