Anticlimax is the New Climax

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes in his Challenging Conventions column: "When I finished my playthrough, my initial reaction was one of disappointment. After taking down a dragon hundreds of times my size, this puny mercy kill seemed highly anticlimactic. But then I found that I liked it. I admired the game for flipping itself on its head. Up until then it [Demon's Souls] was a fairly traditional good versus evil story, a series of David versus Goliath encounters with a clear hero and villain. The game's few sympathetic enemies still provided a hefty challenge, so any feelings of remorse were outweighed by frustration as I attempted to defeat them for the umpteenth time. The final encounter, however, was extremely easy, so I took pity on the poor sap. It added depth and intrigue to a story that previously seemed rather simple."

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Haly3105d ago

Interesting stuff.
I haven't played Demon's Souls yet so I'm not sure how I'd feel. I've got a feeling I'd feel relieved more than anything!

In the case of Batman: AA though I felt very disappointed at the lacklustre boss.

midi3105d ago

The end boss in Batman AA was terrible. Cannot wait to try Demon's Souls though.

cain1413105d ago

I hated the fable 2 ending....

shoinan3105d ago

It was about as bad as the rest of the game's story was.

mr durand pierre3105d ago

Fable 2 was much like PoP where they shoehorned a boss into a game that didn't need bosses. I guess there were a few other bosses, but they were very minor and inconsequential. I did like the Fable 2 end choice, even if the consequences didn't follow through on its promise.

iTZKooPA3105d ago

I remember being so disappointed at PoP: Sands of Time end boss and ending. To me I feel like we deserve more. We've put all this time and effort in getting here, I want something cool at the end. Sure, the journey matters (it's obviously what I remember fondly), but it soils the experience if it's just "The End."

Actually, I'd rather that than some of the "endings" we get.

mr durand pierre3105d ago

In all fairness, despite the rubbish final boss, PoP's ending was otherwise fantastic. Loved the Prince's last line to Farah. Arkham Asylum, on the other hand, had not only a terrible final boss, but a lackluster concluding cut scene which was basically an abrupt "the end." Not very satisfying, methinks.

Krud3104d ago

Thanks for the spoiler warning! I'll make sure to come back to this once I've finished [the game title you mentioned that I haven't finished, which I'm not naming in case someone then decides to post a spoiler for it. ':P] But glancing briefly over the text, I think I vaguely got the gist of it (w/ help from the title.) And while I am not a fan of anti-climax, I don't necessarily equate this with "too easy." Some of my favorite game endings were ones where the antagonist in question didn't stand a chance against me (as I'd gotten so powerful.) Or where previous events and choices contributed to the ease of the ending in a way that made you feel that all your previous efforts were paying off. I was actually annoyed by the (in my opinion) extreme difficulty at the end of the first Mass Effect. It felt very much to me like "it's this difficult because it's supposed to be." (Or perhaps I'd just arrived at that point with too low of a level. *shrug*)