FEATURE: PS3 tipped for Euro victory

Though research firm IDG believes Microsoft will beat competitors in North America

Market analyst firm IDG has claimed that the strength of the Playstation brand will eventually see Sony's PS3 outperform Microsoft Xbox 360 in the European market place - though it picks the DS as the format to watch out for.

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SuperSaiyan44300d ago

Gamers buy a games console that has games? However apart from the loyal fans that go by a brand only and stick with it no matter what.

The way I see it and how everyone should is that a console isnt the winner its those that find the games they want depending on which system they choose.

At this present time 360 has a LOT more games and services and content.

I think Sony will pick up the pace with the PS3 next year thats if it can keep hold of MGS4 and FF13.

Companies and analysts are still saying PS3 is destined to win and silly things like that but how does it effect the gamer which console wins? I mean how does a console win exactly?

I dont know who these weirdos are but I just want games for my 360 and PS3 and I the gamer want to be the winner knowing that companies are making games for my consoles.

boi4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

well for most gamers its about games but loyal fan are about to me Ps3 can do that (ps2)

plus I don't think ps3 depends on too much on MGS4 and depends on Sony too...if they can offer then they are good to go.

lately alot of good press for PS3 so im pretty sure they pick up and it may go PS3s way...because 360 depends on FPS mostly and the ps3 is all round

not saying the 360 is rubbish because I for 1 like games like Fable, GoW,Halo and they are starting to get some other rpgs,fun games like Kami but its not enough and atm its really relying on FPS mostly on Halo 3
okay they are getting some PS3 exclusive but that doesnt mean much because its for the PS3 aswell so with the price cut+games on the way I do think Ps3 is going to rank up to 360 soon

but to me im a gamer and thats not enough category to chose from unlike the Ps3 coming up with new titles and involvements...

Wotbot4300d ago

I think it’s a bit naive to think the 360 is mostly a FPS console. Take a look at the release list for the rest of this year and you will probably see just as many first person shooters on the PS3 as there are on the 360. It's just the 360 will probably have the best console FPS.

There are 2 of PS3's future top title's that are FPS, Haze and Killzone.

A lot of gamers like FPS, its developers who are dictating what we play and it's their clients who dictate what they produce.

Syko4300d ago

That the recent anouncment of the Video Marketplace and the elite might change more than a few minds over there. Any thoughts from my UK brothers over there? Preferably not fanboys from either camp....

boi4300d ago

to me alot of my cousins and friends i know would like a does it answer u(a few have a 360 and wii along too)? lol

and i know some that already have a Ps3 but is collecting dust because of the 360...but when games comes out it be a different story :)

btw im not a fanboy

Bordel_19004300d ago

There are many many people that are happy with their PS2 for now and are planning on getting the PS3 when it becomes more affordable and the games start to hit.

Generally Mirosoft doesn't have the best of reputation in Europe and amongst many they're not even associated with games consoles.

My guess is that PS3 will see a great boost in 2008, at least in the European market.

Wotbot4300d ago

But Nintendo and Sega had a really strong following, but that didn’t stop Sony from dominating. And that was because of games, and it’s as simple as that. Do you think anyone would have bought the 360 if it didn't have any good games? Sony may have a strong brand, but the sales gap between the consoles will be smaller this time round and that includes the WII. I don't believe Sony will dominate, they may have a slightly larger fan base, but nothing like last time.

There appears to be a lot of waiting when it comes to the PS3, something most gamers hate. And my PS3 is a dust collector, and it will only stop being one when some good games come out that have not already been released on the 360.