Destructoid: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

As you know already, 3D Dot Game Heroes is The Legend of Zelda for your PS3. All the top-down adventuring from the original NES classic is essentially preserved. Players navigate an overworld, taking out spawning enemies and discovering dungeons in order to collect magic orbs. The dungeons are full of puzzles, traps and bosses, and brand new equipment that can help players find new areas on the world map.

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UP3157d ago

specially after the 10+ articles talking about how awsome the game is by Jim Sterling.

ukilnme3157d ago

7.5 is not a bad score.

UP3157d ago

yea i know its not a bad score but if you have read all of Destructoids articles about 3d Dot Game Heroes there was nothing except praise.

callahan093157d ago

Jim Sterling. 'Nuff said. I'll never understand why they actually give games review assignments to him. Their other critics do a decent enough job, but that guy is a joke and everyone knows it. It makes me question the entire site due to the curios question of why the hell the editorial decision would ever be made to assign a game to him for review. I mean, it's like a slap to the face to the game, the developer, the publisher, and gamers interested to have a particular game reviewed by Jim Sterling. Do they purposefully want to mess with the games that they assign to him, or are is it "random", or is something else going on? Either way, if it says Destructoid, I take it with a grain of salt, and if it says Jim Sterling, I don't swallow it at all.