Rock Band Green Day Interview

DualShockers writes:

We got the chance to get a few words in with Chris Foster the Project lead on Rock Band Green Day and pick his brain a bit on what to expect from this title. First and foremost there will be less Beatles in this version, that is confirmed! Also look for some story telling via the Green Day's great song line up and lots of extra footage and clips. He also confirmed that there will be a large pink bunny making appearances in the game, much as he does in their Live shows. Also expect to have any Green Day DLC you already may own show up automatically in the game.

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Hitman07693196d ago

This game looks like a pretty great shot at perfecting the Rock Band game concept. Looks good!

But I still want to know when Rock Band Network support for PS3 will be finished.

JackBNimble3196d ago

Don't get your hopes up for RBN on the ps3 anytime soon.

Hitman07693196d ago

It's great that they included the Dookie album on here. That is a classic.

Chadness3196d ago

Good interview, but to be perfectly honest, this game doesn't excite me in the least.

JackBNimble3196d ago

As a ps3er RB as a platform has lost pretty much all excitement in my opinion, but I would blame that on HMX and their love for MS.

IG_DARKSA1NT3196d ago

I think my kids will like it!

Ninferno3196d ago

great interview, cant wait for this one