Rock Band Green Day Interview

DualShockers writes:

We got the chance to get a few words in with Chris Foster the Project lead on Rock Band Green Day and pick his brain a bit on what to expect from this title. First and foremost there will be less Beatles in this version, that is confirmed! Also look for some story telling via the Green Day's great song line up and lots of extra footage and clips. He also confirmed that there will be a large pink bunny making appearances in the game, much as he does in their Live shows. Also expect to have any Green Day DLC you already may own show up automatically in the game.

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Hitman07694973d ago

This game looks like a pretty great shot at perfecting the Rock Band game concept. Looks good!

But I still want to know when Rock Band Network support for PS3 will be finished.

JackBNimble4973d ago

Don't get your hopes up for RBN on the ps3 anytime soon.

Hitman07694973d ago

It's great that they included the Dookie album on here. That is a classic.

Chadness4973d ago

Good interview, but to be perfectly honest, this game doesn't excite me in the least.

JackBNimble4973d ago

As a ps3er RB as a platform has lost pretty much all excitement in my opinion, but I would blame that on HMX and their love for MS.

IG_DARKSA1NT4973d ago

I think my kids will like it!

Ninferno4973d ago

great interview, cant wait for this one


Green Day states that they are worried about violent video games?

It appears as if the old punk-rock band Green Day has complained about violent video games and MMA fights to Kerrang. So this is my (Robin Ek, TGG) take on the matter.

TwoForce2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I agree about this article. Green Day hasn't been revelant since.There is difference between fiction and reality. Before you disagree me, video game don't make people violence but other people who have low mentally issue and can't control themselves. Most people would agree with me that is parents fault for not educated their children enough. When I was child, I had mental problems but thank to my parents for educated me. I can see the difference. The only thing I can worry about playing video game is the health safety. Playing video game too long could cause people tired or brain damage. Like I said, video game never make people violence.

TGG_overlord2652d ago

Thanks =) I´m glad to hear that you enjoyed my article ;) Yes, and if one can´t tell the difference between reality and fiction, then it´s time for that person to seek mental help asap. Correct, and my parents did a great job with me and my brothers (we weren´t allowed to play games that weren't meant for us to play due to our young age). Yes, people have even died from playing too much video games (I think it was a Wow or Starcraft player the last time that it happened?). However, that could be said about anything really. As too much of anything is most of the time not a good idea.

TwoForce2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Yes, I agree with you. Like I said, the only I worry about people playing video game. It's people health especially a person who has unstable mind and need a treatment ASAP. And also, there are some young age people who play violence video game are not affect this because these people are lucky to have parents who know how to teach their children well.

2651d ago
Glemt2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

TGG_overlord, it feels like the title of your article is asking me a question : D So, my answer would be: I don't know.
Also, you make a lot of sense. Thank you for being sensible : )

CrimzonRazor2651d ago

They died from a clot just like you can from sitting in one place to long fling,driving,etc nothing that the games caused.

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Simon_the_sorcerer2652d ago

I never liked Green Day, and I can´t say that I like them more now. Imo, they are just a trio of old ex-rockers that drop moral tantrums like some elderly ladies at the mall.

The 10th Rider2652d ago

Hey man, there are some smart elderly ladies with some perfect valid moral input...Unlike Green Day.

GameHead852651d ago

Should we even care what Green Day thinks. I mean they compose songs like "Wake Me Up When September Ends". When they got millions of teens watching them. Doesn't make sence for them to be "worried" about "violence in video games".

rainslacker2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I'm not really sure what makes Green Day relevant to write an article about how they are worried about video games. Who cares? They can worry about it....it's their prerogative just like we can not worry about it.

I mean, I am free to say how I feel the homogenization of modern pop/rock music is detrimental to the philosophical growth of the human spirit as a whole because it offers up no diversity to support the expanding of free thinking among today's youth when they are most susceptible to forming their future outlooks.

It doesn't mean my opinion is worth validating with an article or attention just because I said it, anymore than it's worth it for an article to do it for Green Day just because they're musicians.

Unless they go on some campaign that extends outside their fan base who may give their opinion some sort of respect due to their status(Like Jenny McCarthy and vaccinations), I don't see the issue. For those who would follow that campaign blindly just because it's from a group they respect or like....well those people are just idiots who have no real critical thinking skills to determine their own stance, or bother to take the time to actually learn anything worthwhile.

@The 10th

Some of those elderly ladies could probably beat the crap out of Green Day while they are so distracted by the violence in video games.

kneon2651d ago

American Idiot is perhaps even more relevant today than when it was first released, just watch the US election coverage. The US is heading for full blown idiocracy.

jmc88882651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Yep, how many of my fellow Democrats protested against Bush, only to love the fact Obama (and perhaps soon Hillary) is doing the same things?

Q: You mean you hated Bush when he invades the wrong country, lets wall street run roughshot, outsources jobs, spying, droning, giving police military equipment, etc, etc???.... (and this list really does go on and on and on)

A: YEAH!!!! I hate that guy. We need to impeach him.

Q: Well, Hillary and Obama support the same things

A: I love them! They are the best eva!

Idiocracy is already here.

kneon2651d ago

I find it funny how most Americans think they have left and right wing parties when in fact there are just two right wing parties, with one being just a bit more right than the other.

Even Sanders would only be a centrist at best by world standards.

Relientk772651d ago

Green Day was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. Their new single "Bang Bang" came out 2 weeks ago, awesome fast punk rock song. Their new album comes out in October, and announcing a tour soon. They have a Broadway show based on American Idiot which has won numerous awards and been a huge hit. The band has sold over 75 million albums, and people still talk about their albums today especially Dookie and American Idiot. Not to mention the countless number of bands they have influenced (along with Blink-182 and New Found Glory) but you say not relevant >_>

Wish someone who actually cared about Green Day wrote this article, as a fan had a really hard time reading this.

TwoForce2651d ago

It's not easy to hear them say that. Look, all we have to do is move on and find a better solution.

rainslacker2651d ago

Of all the bands out there, Green Day is one of the ones I like more.

Doesn't mean their opinion is of any more importance on the topic at hand....at least beyond the fact they have it.

Not that they can't express it, or even talk about it, but I don't feel their status or relevancy should give their opinion more weight than anyone else who may speak on it in a hyperbolic fashion....which is most who speak on being worried about it.

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JasonKCK2651d ago

Green Day has never been relevant. They're only famous do to who they know.

2651d ago
JasonKCK2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

GD was made popular by Seinfeld. GD is famous for the same reasons the Beastie Boys were. You should slap yourself in the face for even putting them in the same list as those other actual artist.

2651d ago
CrimzonRazor2651d ago

Were is the study you seen saying gaming to long can cause brain damage

2651d ago
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TwoForce2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Doom is FPS game and it is violence,but I played the game and it didn't affect me because it's fictional. It's video game goddamit.

TGG_overlord2653d ago

Same here, and I´ve been playing games since 1988...

Simon_the_sorcerer2652d ago

1991 in my case, and I sure haven´t killed anyone yet ;)

Simon_the_sorcerer2652d ago

If a person can kill another human being just like that, then it would make any difference of the killer played games or not. As the person is clearly lacking both morals and a normal functional mindset.