GameTrailers: Uncharted 2: Siege DLC Review

Uncharted 2's multiplayer gets a new mode and more maps for an extra price.

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blusoops3498d ago

Do they employ professionals or just guys off the street?! It's not a major issue but shouldn't everyone know by now that PS3 has "TROPHIES" not "ACHIEVEMENTS"??? This guy keeps saying achievements throughout the whole video LOL. What if someone reviewed an X360 exclusive game and kept talking about all the trophies you could earn...wouldn't that sound stupid and unprofessional? Anyways, i'm done ranting, it's no big deal but c'mon!! LOL

Basil-Rathboner3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Please Naughty Dog find a way to incorporate all the new maps somehow into adding to the already incredible single player experience.

I am sure they have hours of unused dialogue on the cutting room floor. Perhaps they may even have the odd motion capped cut scene that was not used.

If it was not to the detriment of the narrative or pacing of the single player experience adding these extra maps into perhaps additional chapters would be a welcome addition.

My one tiny wee gripe with Among Thieves was that there was a slight lack of variety in the enemies. It would be great and could be done for less money if in some of the chapters they used the pirate enemies from Drakes Fortune.

If it could be worked into a chapter it would be great to have Drake fighting both mercs and pirates at the same time.

This additional content is a day 1 buy for me. Thankyou Naughty Dog your excellence knows no limits.