Opinion: Tomb Raider is Better Than Uncharted

Note: This is merely an opinion. It is not meant to be presented as definitive fact and is written so to cultivate discussion.

Despite Uncharted's critical acclaim, the Tomb Raider reboot eclipses it in many ways.

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isarai1182d ago

You're allowed your opinion, but i fail to see how anyone can come to that conclusion other than just to be edgy. I mean seriously this?

"She wasn’t a half-baked idea to attempt to rip off a famous film series; she was revived, but was given a great deal of depth and is a relatable character, and her relationship with Jonah drives the reboot. There’s no relationship in Uncharted, in my mind, that matches that intensity and realism."

Funny cause it was pretty much unanimous in agreement that Lara as a character fails to make sense especially in the shadow of the tomb raider where everyone was saying if it weren't for Jonah the game would be devoid of ANY character. Meanwhile Nathans relationships with Elena and Sully evolve and get very fleshed out by 4

You know what i was going to go through and argue all your points but really it's so awful this article kinda defeated itself with contradictions in nearly every sentence. Like if you want to like TR more than Uncharted thats fine, but if you're going to justify your opinion at least learn how to properly argue. Nearly everything you state is ironically opposite or just plain untrue, not a single good point is made here.

DaDrunkenJester1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Besides the characters, Tomb Raider does do everything else better. And I play games for gameplay before characters and story.

isarai1182d ago

But how though? Cause ive played the first two, and while fun, i dont see how it does "everything else better" puzzles are uninspired, tombs are petty much nonexistent till the 3rd game, gunplay is fine but hasn't really evolved since 2012 and just feels dated now, and set pieces are nowhere near as grand and well designed.

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umair_s511182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I loved uncharted games. But tomb raider is great too. I've all 4 uncharted games not lost legacy. Only played the original reboot if TR and not the 2 sequels

AspiringProGenji1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


Because it has weapon upgrades and you can develop the character, and there’s more exploration. That apparently makes TR gameplay “objectively better” lol.

There’s also exploration in Uncharted altough it is not its focus, and U4 expanded on that. Oh and Golden Abyss had a ton of it and it was pretty good using The Vita’s features. Drake is already a professional thief. He does not need XP points to develop. The weapons do not need upgrades either. If ND wanted it, they would have done that. And they did that with TLoU which is a more grounded game. Uncharted is suppose to be fun and accessible without RPG BS.

And there’s gameplay too but it is often dismissed by these TR fanboys for its cinematic presentation. He says” i play ganes for the gameplay” lol ridiculous. As if Uncharted doesn’t have any

-Foxtrot1182d ago

Everything better? Lol. Really?

Story? No

Gameplay? No

Graphics? No

Animations? No

Puzzles? Some parts

Gunplay? No

TKCMuzzer1182d ago

I would have to disagree, I couldn't even be bothered to finish the last Tomb Raider as I lost interest way to quick. To say it does 'everything else better' is a bit over the top. The other guy has a point, the tombs in the first two felt like an add on almost to justify the games title.
The difference is, I can remember great things from Uncharted 2 and fact Uncharted. When it comes to Tomb Raider, I remember better things from the originals than the reboots. Don't get me wrong, their good games, their just not memorable good games.

OpenGL1182d ago

Except the shooting mechanics, animations, visuals...

DarXyde1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Tomb Raider and Uncharted are actually kind of difficult to compare. One is clearly an action adventure/ platformer/ puzzle. The other emphasizes survival more. Uncharted, in my opinion, does not pretend to be anything it is not. It's a series of grand scale adventures across the globe that are greatly enhanced by the narrative. Dangling from planes, jet ski shootouts, traversing the sea, epic train shootouts. It's a thoroughbred action game through and through.

Tomb Raider places more emphasis on survival. Amusingly, I would argue that The Last of Us does survival far better... but we're not here to talk about that.

As a game, I think people can make an argument for both series, depending on what you like. For me, I like Uncharted more. Tomb Raider, in my opinion, is a kitchen sink of ideas that works, but it's difficult to know exactly what the game cares about the most: story? Stealth? Survival? Gunplay?

Also, I think the combat mechanics of Uncharted work much better. Traversal mechanics, I would understand giving Tomb Raider the nod.

People are allowed to disagree. Being a fanboy is a potential reason for saying one is better than the other, but I disagree with Tomb Raider being better.

mikeslemonade1182d ago

That would be an incorrect opinion

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milohighclub1182d ago

The 3rd shits all over the first 2, combined. just started playing it and tbh its brilliant, couldnt help think how much it's trying to be uncharted, however so far this iteration is actually holding it's own against uc4 (gameplay wise).

bouzebbal1182d ago

This is just another PlayStation vs xbox fanboy worthless discussion...
Follow your feeling.. TR has a good survival additions more if that's what you like. Uncharted is more of the blockbuster production with a high attention to detail..
Get what is right for you and spare us this war crap

TheKingKratos1182d ago

I respect your opinion but it's wrong ...nothing Tomb Raider offer that is better and gameplay wise Uncharted 4 /LL is by far some of the best most fun 3rd person shooter/action games this gen ..if not the best

Score wise uncharted is on another level from both gamers and sites
So yeah i respect your opinion but i don't agree

SamPao1181d ago

The only thing Tomb Raider does miles and miles better than uncharted is the puzzles.
but thats it

Inzo1181d ago

If you play games for gameplay then why do you play TR? because its gameplay isnt nearly as fun as Uncharted's or as epic. The new TR is a good drinking game though, for every time Lara slips or falls down something you take a sip of beer, I promise you, you will be hammered before you finish the first act.

FernDiggidy1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Amen bro....Gameplay is KING. People like to forget that shit now a days.

UltraNova1181d ago

Tomb raider aint got shit on the Uncharted series. Literally every element of Uncharted is above and beyond anything in TR.

Christopher1181d ago

Eh. Depends on a game-by-game basis. I do tend to prefer Tomb Raider gameplay, but SotTR made a ton of mistakes in that area as far as gunplay.

Overall, both are good series depending on what you like. Playing a game for characters and story are just as valid as for gameplay.


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DaDrunkenJester1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Gameplay has much more variety, puzzles may be uninspired in the first two, but at least it offers variety and are still better than any in Uncharted. Open areas to explore for upgrades and crafting, a sense of progression as you acquire more items that unlock other paths, side missions, using your bow for zip lines and much more, hunting for crafting etc.

There is just so much more involved in TR gameplay wise then Uncharted. And the final one takes it to even greater heights with much more focus on tombs and fun puzzles.

isarai1182d ago

I understand the crafting, upgrades, and general progression, it certainly has tons of that where Uncharted does not, and if thats what you prefer then yeah i totally get that. Thats the kind of argument this article SHOULD have, instead its like a bunch of 8yr olds arguing on a playground.

AspiringProGenji1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Uncharted has Multiplayer, more refined gunplay, story, lore, it also has puzzles, open areas as well to explore in U4 and lost legacy, vehicles, etc

The only thing Uncharted doesn’t have is upgrades, hinting, and crafting, but that’s because it does not focus on Survival elements, just like TR does not focus on story and action and set pieces and lacks what uncharted has (even if they tried in the first game *cough*). It’s fine to choose one over the other if you like survival, but you are trying to hard to dismiss Uncharted and being a fanboy. So much for “loving both”

P_Bomb1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

There’s next to no enemies in Shadow to even use those upgrades on, making the majority of cosmetic at best. You don’t need to put silencers on anything when every weapon variant has a silenced version already. There’s even a silenced shotty.

You don’t need to hunt or do sides unless you’re a completionist like me. It’s just more busywork (swing from this object x times, pull down that y times, jump in water z times). On the surface it may seem deeper, but the challenges just amount to a second checklist on top of the trophy list we already have, with twice as many collectibles I’ll never read.

Yes SotTR has more systems but in the Jim Sterling sense, they don’t really do much of anything. You can make yourself invincible in Deadly Obsession just by endurance plants; you’ll never need laser scopes/whistling arrows/extra wood from pickups etc. The amount of times I could hang a guy from a tree you can count on one hand. You don’t need the “upgrade” to that skill tree. I’m speaking as a fan of both. I’ve even done Temple of Osiris and Lara Croft Go, heh.

XabiDaChosenOne1182d ago

"Gameplay has much more variety, puzzles may be uninspired in the first two"
You dont get points for half assed attempts. Do it right or dont do it at all.

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carcarias1181d ago

@P_Bomb I agree. The lack of combat in SotTR was bizarre, especially since, as you say, they had a lot of skills and systems made for it.

My experience was similar to yours it seems; I got the tree hanging skill, thought that there were going to be lots of Batman Arkham style combat situations......but nothing happens. Not even the much talked about camouflage mud got used that many times.

I pretty much stuck with the same assault rifle the whole way through too. There's just no real need for weapon variety because the combat situations, when they do pop up, don't really call for it.

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AspiringProGenji1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

THIS IS A REPOST. How quick everyone forgets?

VGCulture and Darklink constantly Wrote articles hating on U4 back in its time and triggering fanboys. Not sure why everyone is falling for this. This is just one of those articles.

Let it GO already! Uncharted had its run and it was successful while TR is still finding its identity. Guess TR fans will stay mad forever

DaDrunkenJester1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I love both, but you're blind or just a fanboy if you think TR doesnt have the better gameplay variety and systems.

AspiringProGenji1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

It does some things better than uncharted for sure, just like Uncharted also does some things better as well. They both have their difference but To say TR has better gameplay is not fact. After all some people like to dismiss Uncharted’s Cinematic set pieces and action which is its biggest strength to say TR has better gameplay because it focuses more on exploration, which is not necessarily true. Better systems? Uncharted does not focus on RPG and upgrades and also does things differently and better. So?

It depends of what you like. I prefer Uncharted’s action and even U4 focused more on exploration And bigger environment, which did not take away from its main focus and was better for it

MasterCornholio1182d ago

I don't think this article is a repost but the site did call Uncharted 4 and the developers frauds.

The link doesn't work but the author couldn't erase it from his submission history.

I rest my case.

rainslacker1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

The new Lara has less character development than the original. The first TR game way back in the day didn't have her as a deep character either, and her character growth came through 2 decades of releases.

I think TR has good game play, and generally is pretty fun to play, but the story isn't anywhere near as deep as UC after the first game. TR story depth is about as deep as UC1, but TR story depth has pretty much stayed there for all the games.

Ceaser98573611182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Tomb raider is good but Uncharted is on a different level. It looks better.. Gameplay is alot better and the set pieces are top notch The franchise is simply outstanding.. Shadow of TR was a joke... UC4 was way before then SOTR and it was way better.

KyRo1182d ago

It's not better than Uncharted but it also doesn't deserve the unjustified hate it gets either. The last three have been really good, solid games but Uncharted is undoubtedly better. It's nice to have TR bridging the gap now that Uncharted story has been told.

sprinterboy1182d ago

"You're allowed your opinion, but i fail to see how anyone can come to that conclusion other than just to be edgy. I mean seriously this?"

This ^^

BrettAwesome1182d ago

Don't worry. You only get downvoted because uncharted is a platform exclusive

1181d ago
Inzo1181d ago

203 down votes? wow the bots have come out to play.

kneon1181d ago

I read that quote and my first thought was "who's Jonah?". So much for memorable characters.

Rude-ro1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Phantom disagree.. I love when they pop up randomly. 😂
As in, durp durp no one will notice,

The only fact you have to look at is the re-booted series dropped in sales through the 3 iterations, not climb.
The attachment to the series went down.
The games had to go on sale weeks after release to get traction.

This is what tells you the true opinion.
The game cookies uncharted.. and uncharted was born from the original versions of tomb raider.

Zeref1181d ago

not gonna lie, Tomb Raider does have better gameplay. There's a lot more to do.

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Spurg1182d ago

I'll say that Tomb Raider defo has better gameplay and design than Uncharted.

Sciurus_vulgaris1182d ago

Uncharted's strength has always been story telling, set pieces and brilliantly mixing gameplay, cinematics and set pieces. I found the new Tomb Raider trilogy to have better stealth and adventure elements than Uncharted. However, I think Uncharted's gunplay is a bit better than Tomb Raider's. There were times in Shadow of the Tomb Raider that I felt almost like the predator; and the game would have been even more engaging if it was better paced with a stronger story.

Sciurus_vulgaris1182d ago


I wouldn't call the two series the same. The reboot trilogy of Tomb Raider has a much stronger emphasis on adventure, crafting, exploration and light RPG elements than the Uncharted series.

Born2Game831181d ago

Same. I like both series. So its a win win for me.

spicelicka1179d ago

Uncharted 4 really improved the gameplay, but before that the shooting mechanics were terrible, specially in UC2. The simple fact that Tomb Raider is M rated makes it much more fun to kill enemies, as they react better to getting shot. Uncharted substitutes that with dust coming out of them, it just doesn't feel realistic.

Overall uncharted is better because it's just amazing in so many other ways, but not in the gunplay department.

BLizardXD1182d ago

one story is about a female explorer the other is about a male explorer. take your pick.

nabewiju1182d ago

at the end of the day they're all doing the same things. depends on which lead character you find more appealing.

Iceman100x1182d ago

I dont know about anyone else here, but i luv females.

Kribwalker1181d ago

agreed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole tomb raider reboot trilogy. Uncharted I never played until it was on ps4 with the collection, but the first one felt so rough, i couldn’t get into it. I took my time and finished it and started part 2 but really struggled to get into it because of the gameplay. I even bought part 4 when it was on sale, but haven’t gone back to part 2 to finish it yet

-Foxtrot1182d ago

It depends what Tomb Raider you are talking about

The older games, I can see how a debate can be formed although they are quite different if you look into it more however the new reboot trilogy are not on the same level as Uncharted

The new Lara is awful and horribly developed.

isarai1182d ago

Exactly, the first in the new trilogy was a great 1st step, but it just never went anywhere after that and they really did bare minimal to add to each iteration.

Hardiman1182d ago

Agree loved the 1st reboot but Rise and Shadow, especially Shadow were a chore for me and I can't even tell you what the narrative was in those games.

Yui_Suzumiya1182d ago

I only like the new Tomb Raider games though. I played the original back in the 90's but I could never get into it.

Kribwalker1181d ago

me too. I remember playing tomb raider 2 way back when and was like “this is what the hype is about?” and couldn’t enjoy it. The new ones tho, i thought they were a blast to play

Tross1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Dude, if you posted this when Uncharted was taking the gaming scene by storm, you would have been crucified by the community. As it stands, you’ll be getting a polite disagreement from me as I still think the Uncharted series updated and refined the better aspects of the Tomb Raider series up to that point, and even with the reboots, I still think it’s the better series from a mechanical and narrative standpoint. But hey, you’re sure as heck entitled to your opinion just as I am to mine.

Silly gameAr1182d ago

Hopefully, people will just read the headline, laugh and move on. I don't think that will happen though, and I think that's what the author is counting on.

neutralgamer19921182d ago

Without Indiana Jones and tomb raider I don't think there would be uncharted but without the success and quality of uncharted I doubt square would bring back TR

Uncharted series is on another level

rainslacker1182d ago

UC tries to be like Indiana Jones in game form. TR tries to be like UC, but really failed to capture the magic that ND did with UC.

TR is a generally fun game. I didn't dislike them overall, but I found their stories to be really weak. This wouldn't be so much a problem if the dev didn't make such a big deal about how much they wanted the story to be good, and then tried to pass it off as Lara being a strong female character due to the sudden influx of gender politics in gaming. It failed to have a good story, and a strong female character.

Imalwaysright1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

The hell are you talking about? TR was and has always been heavily inspired by Indiana Jones. TR has been Indiana Jones in game form since 1996 and concept wise there aren't many differences between TR and Uncharted the main differences being Uncharted's heavier focus on action, character development and storytelling. Uncharted also had gameplay mechanics that fit the standards of a new generation but TR would have eventually introduced them with or without Uncharted as that was the direction the whole industry went in namely the modern cover/shooting mechanic courtesy of Gears of War and the over the shoulder view and aiming system that you see in pretty much every third person game with shooting mechanics courtesy of RE4.

rainslacker1182d ago

TR wasn't much of a adventure with antagonist until later in the series. You were basically just exploring tombs, with some connection to either something mystical, or historical. UC was more like IJ in the fact that there was more mystical connections to ancient legends being true.

I never thought of IJ when playing TR, and I probably wouldn't have with UC either, except the dev specifically cited IJ as an inspiration.

There was no reason for TR to actually follow UC design elements. there was no reason for them to start using the set pieces. The platforming was pretty much what UC did. The gun play didn't have to pretty much mimic UC, because the original TR didn't. TR takes more from UC in it's reboot, than UC takes from the original TR. Even if TR was inspired heavily by IJ, there is no reason to deny the rest. The entire industry didn't go in the direction of the cover shooter. Not all TPS were cover shooters. In fact, most of them weren't.

That's what the hell I'm talking about.

Imalwaysright1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

"TR wasn't much of a adventure with antagonist until later in the series" Natla says hi.

"The platforming" TR Legends says hi.

"TR to actually follow UC design elements." Such as?

"there was no reason for them to start using the set pieces." TR had setpieces well before Uncharted ever existed. Not as over the top but it had them.

"The platforming was pretty much what UC did" Bullshit.

" The gun play didn't have to pretty much mimic UC" Uncharted? Don't you mean Gears of War and RE4?

"The entire industry didn't go in the direction of the cover shooter" Max Payne, Mass Effect, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, GTA, Vanquish, RE6, RDR, Splinter Cell, The Division, The Order, Dead Space 2, Watchdogs... all have cover shooting mechanics and similar aiming systems. Gears and RE4 are some of the most influential games of all time for a reason. Why does Uncharted get to be inspired by them but TR doesn't?

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