Uncharted is a Fraud

Uncharted is a fraud, due to its inability to take its many inspirations and actually create something with its own stamp on it. It has no constant.

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guywazeldatatt1278d ago

Uncharted 4, and probably from the beginning, is a game with a huge identity crisis and the game it was inspired by and the one it helped inspire has far surpassed it.

Germany71278d ago

Is that so? What do you call parasite sites like yours then?

guywazeldatatt1278d ago

Honestly it was an observation, for some time now actually. I have actual reasoning to back it up.

Nitrowolf21278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Only you don't have reasons to back it up, you simply toss words around thinking people will know what you are trying to say. You literally go into no details about what was taken from them each other then you repeating throughout the whole thing that it's a fraud because it took inspiration

All what your article shows is tha it isn't your cup of tea. I, and many others, enjoy the story, lengthy gameplay, and character personalities.

fei-hung1278d ago

How do you report troll articles and report trolls on this new N4G set up?

nix1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Go on Darklink. we're listening.

UltraNova1278d ago


Tell us, what did you think of The Last of Us?

nX1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I hate these wannabe journalists, they're cancer to this industry. Also N4G should be better moderated, the clickbait is getting out of hand lately.

pinkcrocodile751278d ago

@Ratchet8 Don't be so vile!.

Donald Trump is a parasite, George Osborne is a parasite, All the presenters on Fox News are parasites. The author here is NOT.

You may not like what he has to say but have the courage to see that not everyone has your rose tinted view of the world and or gaming.

Even though I'm loving UC4 (I'm only on Chapter 14 as playing Quantum Break and Doom too) I can see some (Not all) of the points Darklink28 is saying.

If you took the plot and performance in UC4 and filmed it, it'd be one of the most boring films to watch, nothing like Indiana Jones (Except maybe the turd that was Crystal Skull).

So I can see that trying to be so many things would leave an identity crisis. Both my eldest son and my Husband seem to agree, while they enjoy UC 1-4 (they've finished them all) they don't show the same amount of love they do for Lara Croft or the Indiana Jones films.

UC4 is NOT a fraud but is more like;

"A Jack of all trades but master of none"

However in UC4's case I'll ammend that to "Jack of all trades but master of quite a few, just not all"

For me story is king, the story here is good, it's just not as good as Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull excluded).

With all that said, I WILL finish this game soon enough and I have loved every minute of it so far... but Quantum Break is the biz and as for Doom, well it's the bollocks! so it may be longer than I originally anticipated. LOL

SolidStoner1278d ago

lol, heavy trolling, this only proves what I say.. gaming journalism is a new born baby with no knowledge about gaming..

how these opinion articles get approved is beyond my understanding.. :)

Liqu1d1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

@fei-hung There's no point. Clickbait trash like this is pefectly acceptable here apparently.

garrettbobbyferguson1278d ago

They call websites like his opinions. It seems you cannot handle them. Gonna cry about it some more?

Kingthrash3601277d ago

Must be bill season for "journalists" .
Tons of click bait.

1277d ago
kitsune4511277d ago

Your articles include:
"The Nintendo Wii U Has the Best Library of Games"
"Xenoblade Chronicles X is the Best JRPG to Come Out in Years"
"Nintendo's E3 Move is Genius"
"The Upcoming Legend of Zelda will be Perfect"
"Ocarina of Time is Still the Greatest Game of All Time"
"Twilight Princess HD Review (Wii U) — An Unappreciated Masterpiece"
"The Wii U Has the Best Exclusives of This Console Generation"
"The Last of Us is Not a Great Video Game"
"Skyward Sword is the Best Zelda Game"
"Why Nintendo will be Successful in 2016"

Yeah, okay buddy.

morganfell1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

The real fraud is the person that wrote the article and his pretense of objective criticism. What flimflam. His cheap site fourberie is true blue chicanery at its most evident.

Then again, Chipley Florida is in the middle of nowhere so perhaps that explains it.

GamingIVfun1277d ago

Uncharted 4 is the best game available this year, so far (unless ofcourse you just don't like the type of game it is in which case your opinion should be I don't like that type of game) No amount of bad journalism is going to change that, sure isn't changing how well it is selling and how many people love and enjoy the game, isn't changing how well the PS4 is selling. Just making a particular community look really dumb, desperate, jealous, un profesional. Not going to work this gen. Get over yourselves.

Rachel_Alucard1277d ago


Seems like a huge nintendo bias rather than a clickbait seeker.

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TwoForce1278d ago

You are seriously want to get people attention, aren't you ? Tell me something, are you out of your mind ? Now your reputation will be marked as a low troll of gaming community.

MyDietEqualsGames1278d ago

Certainly got your attention, huh?

Dark_Knightmare21278d ago

Yeah right lol not one of the rebooted tomb raiders have been able to outscore it when it comes to general consensus. Yes you can like it better than uc but know it's the minority opinion and not the general consensus and quit stating it has such.

1278d ago
Utalkin2me1278d ago


Then by all means grace us with some facts to back up your disagreement.

Notellin1278d ago


Actually yes. Pretty simple to prove this is the opinion of the minority.

DefenderOfDoom21277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I am going steal a thought from Jeff Gertsmann from 'Giant Bomb' If you do not like action adventure games with a lot of story and then you should not review that type of game . Because i never played a Uncharted game and i gravitate towards FPS campaigns , Hockey and old school type games like 'Resogun and some racing games . I would never comment on heavily story games. To me that would be disrespectful to people who love Uncharted type games .

If your having fun playing a video game of any kind , just ignore the trolls and haters !!!

joab7771277d ago

Scores aside, it's a simple fact that Uncharted is one of the highest quality IPS ever made. It may be, quality speaking, the best game ever made. The visuals, and attention to detail, along with storytelling etc. is unparalleled.

I understand why some may prefer games with rpg elements or anything, bit for what it is, Uncharted is superb in every sense of the word. This doesn't make Tomb Raider bad. The new reboots are great games. But almost nothing reaches the level ND has been able to reach in sheer quality.

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1278d ago
Sanquine901278d ago

Read the whole thing and i'm not impressed. Lines like : Nathan Drake is a poor man’s Indiana Jones, nothing more, nothing less. His wisecrack jokes are not funny and the character is completely superficial" are just insulting because i love his humor. You're just some hipster kid who wants to have a share in the uncharted bash fest which generates a lot of clicks. Substance over form could apply on your opinion about Uncharted. Typical :D

joeorc1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

The fact he is claiming poor mans Indiana Jones says and shows he has no real basis for that assessment of Nathan drake as a character..because like many fail to grasp..drake was not based croft or jones..he was based on many like .

[Lemarchand listed comic characters Doc Savage and Tintin, as well as Die Hard protagonist John McClane, as inspirations for the character. Drake's physical prowess was modeled on that of Savage, and his personality inspired by the vibrant color and globetrotting identity of Tintin]

Doc savage the man of bronze
allan quatermain unlike croft jones..Drakes core character traits are that of pulp action character..larger than life in some areas of character Human in others. the bullet sponges for instances.

Have the many people who claim well he is just a rip off of jones or croft even read a doc savage pulp novel? If they had than they would know what I am simply pointing out is true.
Hell even Naughty Dog themselves stated what the character was based on.
The over all tone of Drakes stories in uncharted is of like King Solomons mines, To. Romancing the stone. Jewel of the nile.
The Rundown etc.

Taking a number of an Influence from 1 or 2 when the character and story is not the same thing what defines a certain character

StanleyRoper1277d ago

WHY would you even bother? You give these idiots nothing less that exactly what they want when you do this, and you should already know there's no point reading to begin with.

starrman19851278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

HA! This article made me smile, I hope it's satire?....

Okay, the very original Tomb Raider almost definitely inspired Naughty Dog to create Uncharted. As you said though, there have also been films and many other contributing factors. However what Naughty Dog did with that inspiration was incredible, they breathed life into the action adventure game genre, which tbh had become a little dull in the years leading up to Uncharted. It is definitely not a fraud, its very hard to have true originality in this day and age, everything is a copy of a copy but ND did a damn good job of making Uncharted it's own.

The irony of your whole article is that Crystal Dynamics actually took inspiration from Uncharted! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Tomb Raider and I have no issues with devs using other devs ideas when they execute them well (Crystal Dynamics did - both times) but all those massive set pieces, climbing sections, level design etc all took from Uncharted. CD dynamic added their own twists and originality too which is why their games are so great, they aren't just copy & paste clones of UC.

Imalwaysright1278d ago

"original Tomb Raider almost definitely inspired Naughty Dog to create Uncharted"

Can't believe that you got 11 agrees and just 2 disagrees with that opening... I usually get 20 disagrees for saying that!

I have to disagree with some points though. Platforming and climbing in TR reboot are from Tomb Raider Legend (PS2 game) and TR reboot had different level design compared to Uncharted with its hub worlds that allowed for a semi open world feel. I agree that Uncharted inspired TR with the set pieces and I would add cinematic flair to the things that Uncharted inspired Tomb Raider reboots and that btw is proof that Uncharted has its own identity.

dafegamer1278d ago

the strange thing, there arent completely original games anymore. Many games these days have clear inspirations, so why call out Uncharted out of all those games?

riskyhand1278d ago

well since you're here be honest, did you play the game? or you just watch it on youtube? because reading your article suggest that you never play ucharted 4

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081278d ago

Your article is a ******* joke! LOL! who gives a crap if you don't like it? your rant is ridiculous, and you just wanna get attention so you make a garbage article about Uncharted is a fraud! but it's all good though because it's still getting high scores, still selling well and so seriously, who cares? you wasted minutes of your life to do a stupid opinion piece like this that in my opinion, most people won't even care about. Go **** off!

LuckyChamCham1278d ago

What an unfortunate potato you are sir :(

L Ronald Hubbard1278d ago

"Lara Croft is a much more interesting character than Nathan Drake." Yeah, nah.

CKPan1278d ago

I'm really interesting what is the last good/ great game in your opinion?
Let's see what is it, hope with a article like this one.
I mean maybe google chrome is a fraud, firefox is a fraud, they're IE inspired and nothing new, only better.

BossBattle1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I agree to some extent. Uncharted is a little overhyped. It's not the best in the series unless people are considering graphics. But the game doesn't have enough action. I'm enjoying it but it's still lacking something. Tomb Raider had more action, but this one has a better story.

rainslacker1278d ago

Thanks for the comment summing up your article. Now we don't have to read it.

Pretty sure UC knows its identity. It's an action adventure game with a wise cracking main character searching for treasure which leads to numerous ever increasing implausible action set pieces which provide entertainment for the player. In addition it includes a cast of likable characters who accompany him in those adventures until it's ultimate conclusion.

Seems I found it's identity since the first game.

Anyhow, I don't know if the TR series has surpassed it. They both do their own things well. I find UC more entertaining overall mostly because I find it hard to get behind the new Lara who I find to be insufferably whiny and not much of a hero as the developers went to too far of an extreme to try and make her vulnerable, which makes her eventual character development rather shallow and abrupt, thus not very realistic.

ninsigma1278d ago

"Lara who I find to be insufferably whiny"
This, this and this again. I love the reboot TR games but God lara is a terrible character. The others aren't much better.

Imalwaysright1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

And Nate and his friends have realistic character development? The guys that crack jokes while they are shooting countless people in the head as if they were eating an ice cream? As if human life had no value or meaning to them? This new Lara may be whiny but her personality fits what she does and goes through in the games. Nate and his friends are borderline psychopaths that seem to have fun while taking human lives. That is the main reason why I can't enjoy Uncharted games as much as other people do.

rainslacker1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


That's a personality trait, not character development. Character development is learning something along the way, both the character themselves, and for the player themselves. Over the course of the series, Drake had character development, and his relationships evolved. More so in UC4.

Plus many people use jokes as a coping mechanism. I always hated he's a psychopath line from people looking for critique. There are countless games where killing is a factor, and the characters don't show remorse. We don't call them psychopaths unless we're in the Jack Thompson crowd.

As far as Lara, yes it fits for the most part, doesn't make her less annoying, nor does it make her character development rather shallow and abrupt.

Edit @below

OK, well removing our own thoughts on people that do that kind of stuff, the fact remains, that it's a personality trait. It's part of his character to be like that, but it is not his entire character. There's a marked difference in Drake going through the series in how he handles situations, with UC3 showing him being more serious to the situation at hand. His character development is within his relationships with others. His personality overall stays the same. Just because his personality doesn't change as much as someone in a real situation like that, with things like remorse or PTSD, doesn't mean he doesn't evolve in other areas.

For instance, in this last game, he gave up treasure hunting. However, he wanted to help his brother. While his personality made him enjoy the hunt, when the reveal came out later(avoiding spoilers) his motivations changed from the hunt, to keeping his brother safe....which ultimately was his initial reason for going on the hunt, but the treasure didn't matter anymore. That was more realistic character development, because it happened naturally, and wasn't forced like it is in the TR games where the situation suddenly makes her some kind of bad ass while they still play the whole vulnerability card until she has some sort of testosterone filled wave of kick ass near the end due to the stress. Even in UC3, the build of Drakes seeking out vengence was more natural, and built up over several chapters....always escalating as new story aspects came to light.

That being said, it's a game. The reason I don't find the character repulsive is because of that. One has to kind of let some things go in the interest of game play. If I wanted a game where people aren't killing one another, I'll play games like that. If I want a game where one has to try and avoid killing or run the risk of having remorse, I'll play games like that.

There are also many gamess that have characters that have their characters killing countless other people that do go on to make a snide remark, or crack jokes with their friends. In the case of telling a story, it's supposed to break the tension, and is a common story technique. Some might know it as comedy relief.

Your problem is your over analyzing his personality to try and decide that he's some sort of mass murderer, instead of just taking the game for what it is. If you don't like the personality, that's fine, I'm sure you'd find the same issue with other games. However, that personality trait does not denote that he doesn't doesn't develop as a character, or that the story itself doesn't evolve over time. It's not what I'd consider a masterpiece of modern fiction in this regard, but it's better than most, and built upon over the course of the entire series.

Imalwaysright1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

"That's a personality trait"

No it isn't, it's a desease. How can you talk about "realistic character development" and not take into account Nate's actions or his personality?

Also, it's true. There are many games, movies and books that have characters killing countless other people. The difference is that you won't find many characters laughing it up with their buddies after killing 50 guys as if killing someone was the easiest and most mundane of actions.

"I shot 20 guys in the head. What joke will I make to make me feel better about it?" That's a nutjob coping mechanism.

Imalwaysright1277d ago

It's a personality trait if you're in a bar drinking beer with your buddies. After you kill 20 people it becomes a disease.

"Your problem is your over analyzing his personality"

I know that these are games but you were talking about how Lara's character development is not realistic... I just did the same with the Drake. I understand Naughty Dog's goal but in the end I still find how Nate's personality doesn't fit what he does, detrimental to the whole experience. I love TloU and is easily one of the best games from last gen to me but If


Joel didn't save Ellie I would most likely hate the game but in a good way because as far as I'm concerned ND achieved one of their goals. They made me care. I just don't care for most Uncharted characters.

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AznGaara1278d ago

That "stamp" and "constant" you claim they're missing is called Nathan Drake, Elena, Sully, Chloe, Sam etc. etc. Those characters alone have and will transcend any gameplay quirk you may think the game lacks.

fr0sty1278d ago

A fraud, like armchair journalists hating on popular games for flame/click bait?

Pongwater1278d ago

"the game it was inspired by and the one it helped inspire has far surpassed it."

You're welcome to your minority opinion. Uncharted was never much like Tomb Raider and now Tomb Raider is a lot like Uncharted. TR is wannabe UC now, but hasn't come close to UC's success at doing what it does.

UltraNova1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

"Uncharted 4, and probably from the beginning, is a game with a huge identity crisis and the game it was inspired by and the one it helped inspire has far surpassed it."

Not only you have failed at getting my click-out hit(and hopefully others here too), but your agenda is so obvious its not even funny!

You know what the say about opinions and a**holes right?

MyDietEqualsGames1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I'm not a grammar nazi, but I had to reread that a few times to understand his supposed point.

In fact, the way he throws words, had me confused a few times, while reading his article.

With a name like Darklink, I'm sure there was never a bias while writing this article. Right? RIGHT? Lol.

notachance1278d ago

whoa whoa, I won't recognize trash like you who can't respect a well-made game to be a Nintendo fans sorry.

Everyone who play the game should see the love and effort ND pour into the game, even if you don't think the game is GOTY should be able to see and respect that.

But nooo, no respect and downplay is all ND gonna get from you.
this poor excuse of a thing even dared to call itself a Nintendo fan, disgusting.

1278d ago Replies(1)
Bathyj1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Wow. So you wrote an "article" and then show up first in the comments to reinforce your own opinion?

That's always a turn off.

I won't say much because I'm actually busy right now enjoying Uncharted, the best game I've played all year, but let me guess, you're whining Uncharted rips off definitely Tombraider and perhaps Indiana Jones?

Just FYI, Tombraider ripped more of Uncharted than uncharted ever did Tombraider. The original games had virtually nothing in common but treasure hunting. I guess sea of thieves is going the be an uncharted rip off.

And even Indiana Jones is not completely original. Spielberg took inspiration from the action serials he used to watch as a kid that always ended with a cliff hanger.

You're a fraud, masquerading as a journalist. Naughty Dog actually contribute something to the world. I like them and their work better than you and yours.

I guess I did say a bit. More time than I meant to spend on you thus giving you the attention you crave but don't deserve. Damn. Well played sir.

Dixiedevil1278d ago

Yeah, this guy's a total douche.

antikbaka1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

i DO believe that Uncharted as a series of games is just a copy paste of existing mechanics, but the quality of execution is so great that it doesn't matter actually. And there tons of great games based on the same principle - take something good from other sources and do it better.

At least that's how Blizzard, DOTA 2, all those JRPG and nintendo franchises work.

But I just don't care about it if the game is more than good enough.

URNightmare1278d ago

Here we go, another website I've never heard of taking sht about one of the greatest games in the industry just for the sake of clicks.

This is getting ridiculous now.

1278d ago
uth111278d ago

I haven't played 4, but that's because I lost interest in buying 4 after playing 1-3 in the Nathan Drake collection. I agree they don't quite achieve what they set out to. They are too repetitive and predictable, they get tedious to play after awhil, and not exciting the way an Indiana Jones game should be, and after 3 games, I should care about the he characters, but I really don't!

TwoForce1278d ago

Then you never understand why People love Uncharted series.

1277d ago
TwoForce1278d ago

Let me tell you something. Every characters in Uncharted series are likable and understand for their own motive. Tomb Raider only has Lara Croft and the butler. Indiana Jones series is about Jones and his father.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1278d ago

You sir are a tool, and not a good one. You're that old rusty tool which was bought yet never used. The eyesore tool your wife keeps saying to throw out. The tool that surfaces once in a blue moon, yet easily forgettable. That's you, the old, rusty, useless and forgettable tool.

Imalwaysright1278d ago

Seriously, where are the mods?

Stereotypical_gamer1278d ago

Quick question, what do you consider original content? Did it ever occur to you that link from the legend of Zelda was just a copy of Peter pan? I challenge you to come up with anything in the entertainment world that isn't copying something else.

Majister-Ludi1278d ago

Lol you are in the wrong place. While I agree with a lot of what was written it's just the wrong place for it. Was written a little too heavy handedly honestly with certain things exaggerated but I do agree about tomb raider. Just more enjoyable to play but can't touch uncharted graphically or cinematically.

one2thr1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Wow, there literally isn't enough bleach on this entire planet of Earth, to wash out the amount of stupidity I just read in that comment...

"Huge Identity Crisis", yeah o.k....

rivaldoo7771278d ago

As a Naughty Dog fan, I appreciate negative reviews like yours cuz It draws attention to people out there that haven't bought the game yet. I wish more people can purchase and remember this fantastic game throughout the whole year.

ThyMasterDebater1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Oh lord, that headline lol.. Trigger much? Nothing more in gaming news drives site traffic like an article of this caliber. Clearly the vocal minority but still a voice unfortunately.

I believe Picasso said it best "Good artist copy, Great artist steal".

While the game pulls from other influences.. So does every other game. Some games more than others pull from influences but an identity crisis?.. lol. Man when did gaming become such a critical state to the point where you have to rob people of their own leisure. At no time during playing the game did I think, Hey, This game has an identity crisis mostly because I was re-attaching back to the story or the identity of who and what the characters were. Gaming isn't the war in Iraq for the love of pete or your latest kardashian show. The games characters are as fleshed out as you could get for a linear or "Wide Linear" shooter much so more than other games. The game itself has a story which is unique in that it adds to also creating its own identity. What I would call a fraud, is writing clicky bait articles pointing out that game uses other forms of inspiration which is obvious in all video games, movies and music a like and calling it writing. When you are 100% copying and call it your own.. then it's fraud.

"If you imitate someone, you owe them a royalty check. If you emulate them, you don't. There's a big difference. Check your lawyer" - Stephen Colbert


Notellin1278d ago

Yeah that's fine it's your opinion and it differs from 99% of the gaming population. Congratulations on getting people to click your article! I hope it doesn't work because we don't need any more journalists like yourself.

saint_seya1278d ago

Please dont bad mouth journalist calling this joke of a guy who wrote the article one ! Thx.

DarXyde1278d ago

It's your word against....what, just about the entire community?

If one person argues their opinion and the vast majority of others in the same demographic reject your opinion, odds are, your opinion sucks.

Not that I'm saying your opinion sucks, but...your opinion sucks.

Mr-Dude1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Well, UC4 has apparently hurt a lot of butt-hurt fanboys to the point that the salt is coming out of every hole in their bodies. A lot of dumb articles, "reasons" we never hear or are just plain stupid why UC4 is mediocre or this time fraud...

Wipe your mouth, you still have some white stuff hanging in the corner there, from sucking that d**k. He is a HUGE parasite, and feeding on the clicks.

Just give up dude, everyone here knows you are a HUGE troll, MS fanboy and a big fat liar. Nobody believes your fake pictures of your PS4 and owned games, it's all fake. My 8 year old niece can make the same sh*t you make. Difference is you actually believe your own crap, and the funny thing is you comment on your own comments with other fake accounts. Sad, sad man.

Really, I live in the Netherlands and can taste all that salt from whatever hole and bridge you all come from... I for one can't wait till N4G finally fixes itself, adds that beloved IGNORE button and mute the sh*t out of you.

magiciandude1278d ago


It's a nicely written article. Very good and factual points!

rainslacker1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

N4G rule of article quality #162

If the only people who think you wrote a very good and factual article are the ultra extremist fan boys of an console opposite of the related topic, then you've written a crappy article.

N4G rule of article quality #112

If the only defense to one's article is, "He has a right to his opinion", then you've written a crappy article.

N4G rule of article quality #73

If the less verbose or eloquent of the user base of N4G can pick apart and dismantle the opinions presented in an article with clarity and objectivity, then you've written a crappy article.

maniacmayhem1277d ago

N4G rule of article #165

If the only people who view an article that doesn't speak well of their favorite game, attach the term *clickbait* or *troll review*. Of course this does not apply for the sites that praise the game and receive the same amount of hits, those are exempt.

N4G rule of article quality #126

Warning! If the nature of the attack consists of, "I don't understand why....", "The reviewer failed to see....", "How could anyone....", then more than likely that attacker is sad and you should back away from his uneasiness and anger.

N4G rule of article quality #83

Any opinion that does not align with your own feel free to deem that person unfit for that craft. Do not gather facts, do not even attempt to listen or view others standpoint and definitely do not move on or let it go. Proceed to fly off the handle, if possible blame the other fanbase and gather names for a petition.