Killzone 2: Totally Worth the Wait

Game|Life reports:
"Sushi Roku is small, dark, and the type of swanky place you take your girlfriend for her birthday...if you really like her, that is. The servers deftly maneuver through the islands of game journalists, offering up tray after tray of delicately prepared fish and crab. The alcohol flows freely as the bartenders cheer each new guest's arrival.

This shindig was supposed to get underway at 9:30 and it's now past ten. The few last stragglers squeeze in to find their place in the darkness--Microsoft's press conference is finally over. By the time the first group is asked to shuffle next door into the viewing room, it's 10:30. I, and many of the people around me, have been up for more than 24 hours, running on little more than sheer will and whatever fuel remains from the afternoon stop at Starbuck's. All we can think is: this had better be worth it.

It is."

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ChronoTrigger874304d ago

i like the picture. because it really sums up true sony loyal fans like you and me. we wait longer, but in the end we get the best of the best.

The Killzone trailer almost brought me to tears. I LOVE THE MUSIC

Odion4304d ago

thats kinda sad that a videogame trailer almost brought tears to your eyes

ChronoTrigger874304d ago

i know your a 360 fan so i wont bother you about your bitterness of killzone looking so good.

and seriously, you actually believed that a game would bring me to tears? i was expressing my emotions of how good it looks. nothing more. however, you take everything so seriously i guess it was to be expected of you.

Why o why4304d ago

the feeling just after having a great night out only to remember you have to get to work an hour earlier the next morning. A true killjoy. Nothing to see here odi. Click on some 360 news. it needs the hits and your support soldier

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hulk_bash19874304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Thats another seems like Killzone 2 is winning over gamesite praise left and right. For all the Xbox guys posting on KZ2 news....Why???? U guys had a gud xbox 360 e3 showing to gawk at....... Why spend your tym trolling Sony news???

solidt124304d ago

you must look at this photo. especially if you are a 360 fanboy. click on the link below.

LeShin4304d ago

LMAO!!!!!! That is bloody funny. Sorry, but i'm gonna have to save that :)

Why o why4304d ago

where did you find that uplifter. POW

Sevir044304d ago

Killzone 2 amazed and the real bonafied XBOX360 fanbois that troll cant stand it... they either troll it and lie out of the ass, or they just stand clear. LIKE Mart. back in the GDC07 press con. Mart was nowhere to be found at all as soon as something negative popped up... lol!!! look who showed up. i can tell you after this just like ShadowGamer has stated in the past, onces the Sony train starts it wont stop. end of story

Kokoro4304d ago

Give up the Halo-Killzone crap! It makes you seem like blind fanboys from both sides. Just give up! Yes it does look very good, no need to trash the others. Than they wonder why they have one bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.