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Vip3r3503d ago

GTA 4 for under £4 = WIN.

Get it ASAP if you haven't already.

Gran Touring3503d ago

That is an absurdly low price for GTAIV. Just make sure your computer can run it...

electricshadow3503d ago

What caused GTA IV not being able to run that well even on high end computers?

Letros3503d ago

You need a triple core or quad core to run it very well. It's highly CPU intensive.

Darkfocus3503d ago

cpu threading was messed resulting in poor performance on anything short of a quad core. I think its been patched though

Charmers3503d ago

Just a heads up to anyone if they do get it, DO NOT UPDATE IT TO THE LATEST PATCH. The latest patch by good ole Rockstar Toronto has screwed GTA 4 up so much for a large number of users it isn't even funny.

Most people have come to the consensus that patch or are the best patches for this game, you will save yourself a lot of headaches if you avoid patch and (yep they couldn't even get the version numbering right).

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jjesso19933503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

bought it only had it on 360 and the disc scracthed and been wanting play the story again.

electricshadow i have the episodes on a 5750 quad core phenom 6gb drr3 ram running it at 1080p and it runs fine at about 45-50fps with max settings and 8xaa

Charmers3503d ago

You mean 8 x AF (Anisotropic filtering) the PC version of GTA 4 does not have aa.

jjesso19933503d ago

charmers yes your right soz for mistake.

jorgemalgom3503d ago

anyones knows who i could purchase it outside usa or canada? im in south america but neither steam or 2d2 have GTAIV available, but they have the lost and the dammed

electricshadow3502d ago

I would then use eBay if you can.

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