Crysis 2 Will Look Identical On PS3 and 360

PSLS writes:

"Every since its announcement earlier this month, gamers far and wise have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on Crysis 2. But the big question that many have been left asking, with Crytek being known for pumping out graphic intensive games, is whether or not the title will run and/or look better on the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. Well, it looks like we've got an answer."

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Shadow Flare3107d ago

So its not going to hit the ps3's "graphical ceiling" then like you said before Crytek

Pennywise3107d ago

They are all hot air, I guess...

NJShadow3107d ago

I kinda figured that. We were seeing graphically phenomenal games towards the end of the PS2 life-cycle with God of War II. We've apparently got quite a number of years to go, so I'm sure we're nowhere close to hitting the PS3's "ceiling".

And if they can run Crysis 2 similarly on each system, and you've got Blu-ray on the PS3, then I'm sure you could that much more into the PS3 version if they actually tried, but so few companies want to actually utilize the storage at the risk of making one platform out to be "better", when, to an extent, it is.

pixelsword3107d ago

After all of the crap one of the employees said about other games.

Dance3107d ago

Cant believe people are still buying in the power of the cell crap

Shaman3107d ago

@ above
Neither do I...last week they were celebrating just now to see that those two teams are really bettering each others week in week out.Crysis 2 gfx will probably look better then everything else out and some of fanboys will have to deal with it.

"If you think 'the internet' are going at each other about this, internally our developers are doing this as well," Camarillo said. "For a week or two PS3 will look better, then the 360 guys go, 'No, no, no, we won't have that,' and they make the 360 version look and play better."

Pennywise3107d ago

Dance, I can't believe that people are still pretending the Uncharted series, Killzone2, GOW3, and all the other jaw dropping PS3 exclusives never happened. Maybe you should try playing a PS3 on a REAL HD TV before you make silly comments.

3107d ago
Parapraxis3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Get Dance a life jacket!
He seems to have fallen into De Nile!

Seriously Dance, is it delusion or denial?

Crytek better sort their story out, it's really starting to p*ss me off.

lowcarb3107d ago

Both versions will should close but I'm willing to bet the 360 version comes out on top.

Jaybad543107d ago

Remind me why this is important again?

Hill_billy3107d ago

Not taking sides as I try to stay unbias between Sony and Microsoft but the power of the Cell Processor is quite impressive. You should look at the fact sheets on it and see for yourself. It can compute some massive amounts of numbers at any given time. Compared to other processors, it is a beast.

Lifendz3107d ago

You said exactly what I was going to say. The PS3 is the more powerful system. There's no arguement. It's therefore inconsistent for a game to hit the PS3 graphical ceiling (meaning look as good or better than GOW3) and look the same on the 360. Sorry Crytek, but you can't have it both ways.

bnaked3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

i don't know why, but i can't believe it.. I think it's just PR talk and the PS3 version will be stronger at the end.. And btw, this screenshot is ugly:

DevilsJoker3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Never mind hit any ceilings. They need to sort their stories out, right now there are 3.

PS3 version is superior, hits graphical ceiling - PR guys

Both versions are identical - Other PR guys

Neither version looks amazing - Screenshots.

Sort it out guys.


Who am I to believe? The people who brought us Crysis or the people who think all the games on their system looks like Crysis?

meetajhu3107d ago

I'm still finding the difference between "Runs better on Ps3" and "looks identical on both platforms".

WhittO3107d ago

so they havent "tapped" ps3s power then.


Army_of_Darkness3107d ago

If this is their first PS3 game, then I already doubt their abilities like all other 3rd party developers talking sh1t about maxing out the PS3 on their first try...

EvilBlackCat3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

"So its not going to hit the ps3's "graphical ceiling" then like you said before Crytek"

Did you read this part?

"We have two really strong internal teams on the programming side working on 360 and PS3 all the time, and they’re always in competition with each other. If you think “the internet” are going at each other about this, internally our developers are doing this as well.

For a week or two PS3 will look better, then the 360 guys go, “No, no, no, we won’t have that,” and they make the 360 version look and play better"

YOUR comment shows clearly you havent read the damn thing... or worst...

You CANT understand it.

ape0073107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

and it's users

identical no no, ps3 better no no,identical......

and worse yet, there are users who predict that it's suck graphically or some say, it will beat ps3 exclusives graphically

what the HELL

WAIT and SEE dammit

atticus143107d ago

This just sounds like damage control to me, realized they made a stupid mistake by even saying the ps3 is a hair better looking then the 360s game, which is reason enough for World War 3 in fanboy land and maybe loose a few sales from those fanatical enough. I still think the game will sell great, but considering its a new IP for console gamers, I think they want everyone possible onboard.

HolyOrangeCows3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

If they are, they have screwed up the Ps3 version.

Especially if it looks anything like these horrid screens:

vhero3107d ago

Wow the games like a year off releasing but Crytek ain't shut up talking about it lately have they?? They are almost as bad as Turn 10 were before the launch of Forza 3..

hybridtheory123107d ago

They said RUN better not look better.

mittwaffen3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Their actually trying to optimized the xbox, who knows MS might be tossing them some bucks to do so.

The PS3 has tools for developers to get great performance; maybe crysis is trying to dive into that area a little for xbox since is does have a much more advanced unified shader type which; in the PC world is a massive improvement in how a game is rendered. X-Project from Microsoft will do similar things that Sonys has been doing for the exclusives for the past year/two.

Technically, the xbox should be a powerhouse but its simple; they are using general multi-platform engines that done utilize the xbox's design- they also weren't giving developers full memory (512) for their games because of limited developer kits. That is a big deal when you deal with <512. But these problems are being worked out, new 1GB devkits that will secure me saying new games made on them will for sure look better.

That is why I dont fully agree with PS3 fanboys; they make it seem like its always been beast but it wasnt always that way visually- Sony was almost forced to make a proper method of utilized the PS3 because everything was running the way it was on xbox; this is a fact intill sony started winning some of these graphics wars, and then crowned king.

Xbox wasnt forced because they've been on the throne (so to speak) however sony is finally catching ground and M$ are trying to tighten their boots.

We'll have to wait to see, if MS doesnt get it together with their engine then the xbox might have a physical limitation in bandwidth (probably where the PS3 gets the ability to use its SPU's effectively is XDR 'superfast memory for the gpu and cpu to share') because overall the xbox does have the ability to push more graphics on screen; but i guess the PC approach (making it easy to code for) doesnt leave much room for FORCED optimization like the PS3 had.

ThanatosDMC3106d ago

Guess, it's gonna look like crap... pass.

8thnightvolley3106d ago

i laugh coz this game will be judge os harshly by review it would be a mess... they is so much new about the stupid game i am getting sick..its like a freaking blonde bimbo looking for attention coz she has large knockers..

A imed x S hot3106d ago

"Xbox wasnt forced because they've been on the throne (so to speak) however sony is finally catching ground and M$ are trying to tighten their boots."

Huh? Uncharted 1...finally catching ground yea ok buddy.

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mcnablejr3107d ago

because guess what.. i can talk to people. ;)

knightdarkbox3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

360 is better hands down.

Crysis is going to be open world rendering all that is seen on the fly(or atleast something like that I'm no expert don't laugh plz). So I say technically Crysis 2 is probably going to be more advanced in 360 for sure.

wait for final product ps3 fanboys. all I know is they been praising the 360 version looking much better than ps3, while they said jack shi* on how the ps3 version will looks crap.

DigitalRaptor3107d ago

It's funny that you're saying they've been praising the 360 version, when they've flat come out and said "it runs better on PS3".

They've used the 360 build to demonstrate because they had to choose a version and it just was the 360 one.

Maybe you will be right, but you should keep judgement until we hear more or at least see it in motion.

ZombieAutopsy3106d ago

yea Digital got you both Crytek have said themselves they get a little bit more performance out of the ps3....then again you're both just talking out of your ass so yea.

TheXgamerLive3106d ago

for proof on how the versions are looking, go back to a recent post that had pics from all 3 and you'll see they all look great, 360 looks a bit better than ps3 and pc is best of all. however, as stated by release time they'll all probably look near identical and very impresive.

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Anarki3107d ago

They say that and in about a weeks time - "PS3 to look superior than 360 version".

Though, it's not a very good position in as a business. They cannot say one looks better than the other as it may ruin game sales on either platform.

Suppose we will have to wait and see when the release gets closer and reviewers test it.

BeaArthur3107d ago

After all of the cheap shots at some of the greatest games of this generation I am honestly not even interested in trying this game.

lokiroo4203107d ago

I agree, they are really trying hard to alienate themselves, but I will still give the game a look.

BeaArthur3107d ago

I'm only going to give it a look if it gets great scores. I mean it should since it is better than Killzone 2 and Halo 3 and Modern Warfare, and everything else that has ever released, according to Crytek.

Downtown boogey3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

What the hell are you saying? Games have recently been pretty crappy (including GoWIII, ME2, Heavy Rain and MW2) and Crysis 2 seems to at least be something refreshing (WHILE contributing to the medium of games, unlike HR) with it's mix of environments and gameplay: semi-open-world FPS in New York infested with mysterious high-tech aliens is definitely something I've never seen and it's Crytec so I'm expecting it to be made well. Crysis should even include a great story which makes this one a very prominent dot on my radar.

BeaArthur3107d ago

Downtown boogey...Okay first of all most of those games you listed are great. They all had very high scores so you calling them crappy is just your opinion which does not equate to fact (or relevance upon reading the rest of your statement since you clearly have no idea what you are talking about). I do however love the way you call Crysis 2 "refreshing" and you say "New York infested with mysterious high-tech aliens is definitely something I've never seen". How is it refreshing and something you've never seen? I have probably played 100's of games that are both an FPS and also feature "high-tech" aliens. If this is refreshing you must be relatively new to playing video games.

Downtown boogey3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

They are the best games that have been released recently, but they're not good enough for me! I have ridiculously high standards, I know.

Crysis seems refreshing in the sense that it looks like it could tell a story in a little different way (maybe I'm the only one who sees this?) and have more dynamic gameplay than something as uber linear as GoWIII. It looks like I'm new to gaming? I'm on your PSN friends list for God's sakes! Had a PS3 since launch, duh...

Anyway... I'm sure Crysis 2 won't deliver to my standards but I'm sure it will to the common ones. It just raises my hopes to see these guys bashing the games I thought WERE crap!

NJShadow3106d ago

True. They'd better shape up and try showing some respect for those other games before showboating around just because the original Crysis was... decent... yeah... decent.

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