Ubisoft support lists Splinter Cell: Conviction for PS3

Scrawl: "The rumors just won't stop for Ubisoft and Splinter Cell: Conviction. After two resume listings saying Conviction would come to PlayStation 3, now even the Ubisoft support site is listing the game for the Sony console."

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madmonkey03500d ago

i think it is almost a certainty that it will be on the ps3 at some point.

deadreckoning6663500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

WOW, I still can't believe this. After all that "link of heart" crap Ubisoft was spewing and now this. Either way, I hope the PS3 version gets bonus content instead of just a mere port.

@Stan Lee- Yeah, this game was delayed for 2 years and all we get is a 5 hour campaign? What gives?!

@1.5- Woah, 2 games huh? I wasn't aware of that.

StanLee3500d ago

This game is so flawed. The coop campaign is almost as long as and better than the single player campaign. It seems like much more effort went into it. I don't get that.

lh_swe3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

In the end it's all about the MONEY! Concidering Conviction carries the cost of two games! didn't know that did you :P they need to make up for some of that money down the drain me thinks.

For those who don't know why it carries double the cost it's because it was near it's end phase a long time ago and the team simply didn't like the game so they completely re-made it.

HammockGames3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago ) probably will hit the PS3.

The real question is how long the exclusivity pact is for.

I'm sure MS would like the hype to die down before it hits another console. Maybe 6-12 months?

vhero3500d ago

Maybe MS cannot afford to pay for exclusives for long periods any more so there only gonna be 3 months or so now?? Never have I seen such leakage from a games exclusivity. Ubisoft either really messed up or about to announce something this week.

iMaim3500d ago

it's practically confirmed at this point.

BeaArthur3500d ago

StanLee...a lot of games get designed with co-op and multiplayer as the main feature. I do like the co-op more as well but that doesn't mean the campaign is bad or that Ubisoft somehow made a mistake. I think it was actually smart to make co-op the preferred feature, it adds a lot of replay value.

himdeel3500d ago

...but having a VERY difficult time supporting a delayed title with so many games in my backlog. At this point I can justify this game as a rental for PS3 even though the multiplayer seems to be where a lot of my time could be spent playing this game.

Having young children doesn't allow for as much multiplayer time anymore. I need hearty single player experiences more now than ever before. Being able to pause the game or find a safe spot to go idle is a godsend.

Here's to hoping all the DLC is on disc when it drops on PS3

nycredude3500d ago


Because I don't pay go LIVE (Not about the money), that was precisely why this went from buy to pass for me. Too bad cause I was hyped for this. The last one (Double agent) was disappointing. If it comes to Ps3 I may pick it up on the cheap. Never going to buy another game with 5 hour sp, and I don't care how much mp there is.

Darkstorn3500d ago

I'm really not that interested in the game at this point, so I probably won't get it for my PS3. I was a big fan of Splinter Cell on the original Xbox, but this game is NOT Splinter Cell...

KR1ST0F3R3500d ago

something like splinter cell: conviction HD

BloodyNapkin3500d ago

Well actually it is 10-15 hours of single player gameplay. Cause you can play the Co-op by yourself if you want. But i bet you bought the 8 hour long GOW3 with no multiplayer or HeavyRain 10 hour game with no multiplayer. But anyways wanted to point that out being you had wrong info. Don't buy it nobody gives a sh1t what you do with your money.

wizzle523500d ago

If it has not got 'Only on Xbox 360' on the Top. Its coming to PS3.

drdistracto7073500d ago

if they add spys v mercs and corpse moving... im sold

Therealspy033500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Splinter Cell campaign is much longer than 5 hours. it took me about 12 on realistic. and if you're not playing SC on realistic, you really have no business playing as Sam Fisher in the first place.

i do agree though, the co-op is a lot of fun, and a great addition. how anyone can complain that there is a separate co-op that is just as fun as the campaign is far beyond me. seems to me that is a mark in ubi soft's favor. but hey, there is a certain group of gamers that will complain about anything even if it's entirely false.

sc:c is easly the most fun game i've played for the last year+ and ps3 only owners should be thrilled at the possibility of getting it. it really is a great game all around. from the strong campaign, to the fun as hell co-op, to all the other game modes and multiplayer, SC is very likely to get nominated for GOTY (not that i think it'll win this year).

EDIT: Disagree already? for saying it's a great game that i'd like to see more people get to enjoy? freakshow

cayal3499d ago

"But i bet you bought the 8 hour long GOW3 with no multiplayer or HeavyRain 10 hour game with no multiplayer. But anyways wanted to point that out being you had wrong info."

Speaking of wrong info.

Couldn't keep the fanboy out of it could you?

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William Gates3500d ago

Let the BABOON'S have this Metal Gear Wannabe
Xbox has no Games

knowledge4lfe3499d ago

i'm a huge ps3 fan boy, but i also have a 360, because i'm a real gamer. and a high end pc,and a wii, and a ds and psp. but that's besides the point, i literally, 20 minutes ago beat sc:c and it was extremely good. not great, but very good. if you're a gamer you would enjoy playing this game.

Orange Juice3500d ago

Hopefully it comes when there is a drought of games so they can maximize its sales. GR's prediction about august seems pretty good.

BeaArthur3500d ago

How many of these articles are we going to see? Let me know when someone confirms it. I think over the last 2 weeks I have seen these type of articles where there is evidence to support the PS3 version but no actual confirmation. Enough already. We get it, it's most likely going to be on the PS3.

thehitman3500d ago

The reason Ubi went exclusive is because SC development process went so horrible they had to restart development which takes a lot of resources to do. As a company/business they probably had to make a choice on what they could do to get the game out as fast as possibles w/ best way to maximize profit. Cutting the ps3 version really is the most logical choice since the game wouldnt do to tell w/ all of the big ps3 titles hitting. Wouldnt be suprised they working on the ps3 version now and trying find a date where they can release it for some extra sales.

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