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"3D Dot Game Heroes is a game that will link veteran gamers to the past and reminiscence from their childhood gaming memories. The classic feel will bring veterans and new-comers together wanting to see what games were like in the 80s and 90s. The ability to create your own character is a nice addition to gamers who would want their imaginary hero to come true. Overall, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a must-have for every gamer who wants a charming retro gaming experience. It's a great way to bring the past into the present!" - Just Push Start

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-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Very excited for this game and the high scores are getting me more confident.

Best overlooked game of 2010: Yakuza 3 vs. 3D Dot Heroes is my guess.

LordMarius3109d ago

niche titles with little to no marketing

Demons Souls3108d ago

Seems like it will sell based on word of mouth.

Lionhead3108d ago

Technically Demon's Souls is coming out this year as well though haha

Europe is finally getting it =D

Can't freakin wait for this game, I watched the first 10 minutes. Pure nostalgia, yay!

BannedForNineYears3108d ago

39 dollars for a 4.5/5 game?

Digitaldude3108d ago

I don't usually save kingdoms, but if I do, I prefer Dotnia.

Im so getting this game, overlooked games are full of greatness, Yakuza 3 is one damn fine game.

soljah3108d ago

3d dot game of the reasons why i like ps3. one minute i'm playing gow3,then a game like heavy rain, or mag and a lbp. diverse library of games.
to above: yakuza 3 is the best keep secret in gaming. i have put in between 15-20hrs and just checked completion, its at 6%. mostly because i spend hrs running around beating up street punks. and helping out people on the streets

The Great Melon3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

One of my most wanted games of the year is also one of the cheapest. Atlus, you just got my money. You never cease to give me interesting games.

nix3108d ago

yup... Yakuza 3 is enormous. i've spent around 13+ hours and all i was doing was playing sub-stories. i've finally decided to head to Tokyo.

awesome game!!!

Absolut_Turkey3108d ago

@soljah "3d dot game hero. one of the reasons why i like ps3. one minute i'm playing gow3,then a game like heavy rain, or mag and a lbp. diverse library of games. " Nailed it on the head.
OT: This game is going to be fun! I expect it to sell well too, as a good portion of PS3 owners are "veteran gamers".

2Spock3108d ago

This game is gonna rock.....

Hill_billy3108d ago

This title is getting me ecited for some old school play.

DaTruth3108d ago

If I wasn't in the middle of 3 games right now(FF13,GOW3,JC2, two finished but I'm not done with them yet), this would be a day one. But looks like I will have to pick this up in the summer!

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MightyMark4273108d ago

I agree it will be like Demon's Souls when it comes out May 11th

Acquiesc33108d ago

Gonna be so awesome. Can't wait!

Gambit073108d ago

One thing that people seem to be confused is that 3D Dot Heroes is NOT developed by From Software, it's developed by Silicon Studio and published by From Software in Japan.

Acquiesc33108d ago

Didn't know that until now. Thanks for the info! :)

-Alpha3108d ago

Yeah, the assumption derives from the common developer, Atlus.

JonnyBigBoss3108d ago

Embargo lifts tomorrow. More reviews incoming!

MightyMark4273108d ago

actually the embargo is already lifted. it's 4/19 already. There was no specific time on the embargo

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The story is too old to be commented.