About: Dear Microsoft: Game Room Kind of Sucks

About writes: "When it was first announced, Microsoft's Game Room seemed like a great idea. Having a customizable arcade you could share with your friends was, and still is, a good idea. Really, the Game Room app itself is fine even now. So why does the Game Room overall still suck? The actual games are terrible!"

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Blaze9293497d ago

no need to be subtle. Game Room simply SUCKS. no 'kind of'

Dutch Boogie3497d ago

Geez the title alone is violent enough lol.

nygamer283497d ago

well i got 85 gamerscore from it in five minute to is not that bad

zig_zag_stories3497d ago

yeah I couldnt wait for gameroom downloaded it and was like ehh never touched it again. I suppose maybe they will put some real games in there like super tecmo bowl or some good games like frogger. who knows but right now its just a waste of space