Square Enix Announcement Will Not Shock You (Probably)

Heath Hindman boils down the most likely candidates for the much talked-about Square Enix announcement looming in the future. Taking note of the origins of the rumors, he says, "(Squar Enix USA is) the guys that translate and publicize stateside versions of games made by Square Enix Japan. Generally, if you follow RPG news on the internet, you have heard of whatever game Square Enix USA is going to announce." Analysis, cautions, and educated guesses within.

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Dance3495d ago

Versus on the xbox 360?

knifefight3495d ago

The internet meltdown would be phenominal.

Neo6043495d ago

please square don't charge for ff14 online or I will not buy it.

Chris3993495d ago

SE have shown NO loyalty this gen whatsoever. And they've been caught stretching the truth regarding the word "exclusive" on both sides of the HD console camps (360/ PS3) with games like Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII, respectively.

I wouldn't be entirely shocked if VS was cancelled on the PS3 and made into an Iphone game.

I'm not holding my breath on VS being exclusive (or very good after the offal that was XIII - still haven't gotten past Ch. 6 on account of the boredom).

GrieverSoul3495d ago

I disagree! To an extent... I mean, they have been loyal to X360 by giving them an edge start but as soon as the game game flops they go and make a hasty port for the PS3. Only titles developed from their combined effort are the ones that stay exclusive. FFXIII Versus going for the X360 wouldn´t really surprise me. I mean, they "gave" FFXIII to X360 and released it at the same time on both platforms but they didn´t prevent it from being exclusive on PS3 in Japan where the X360 is trying really hard to catter. That was the catch! Original X360 "exclusives" gets a PS3 port after 6 months, and X360 gets a PS3 "exclusive" without a japanese release.

rjgbyrne3495d ago

They gimped Nintendo for Final Fantasy VII and have done this all through their span as a developer. Are people that naive, nothing has changed throughout all generations bar console sales. Everything has been on par each gen, console sales are the only thing to have impacted whether a company is successful or not, hence why Sega, with an arguably great Dreamcast console, flunked the market. Whatever Square d, it will be similar to what they have done in the past, only Nintendo has gone out and done something different with the DS and Wii and its paid off, everyone else will jump on that bandwagon as they always do. That's life, the world and globalization!

Chris3993495d ago

I agree! To an extent :)

I would add that MS likes to have these "bombshell", hype-fest, "we won E3" announcements. And they have made it a point this gen of going after all of Sony's old 3rd party IPs (but they relatively ignore the glaring oversight of developing and nurturing their OWN exclusives via 1st/ 2nd party - maybe next gen?).

If there is enough hype for VS, MS will write a cheque. Mark my words. Sure the port might suck, but all they want is the "we have it too" mentality for their machine. This is all business, and I think that the more passionate enthusiasts (like the people here on N4G - myself included) forget that.

By the same token, I think that Sony needs to do away with that "we don't pay for 3rd party development" mantra that they came into this generation with.

If Sony want to really do some damage to the competition, they should start writing cheques to EA, Bungie and Epic.

"Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected."

- Sun Tzu's Art of War

blind-reaper3495d ago

I see more probable FFXIV on 360 than VS XIII I dont know why. My bet is on XIV

catguykyou3495d ago

Xenogears sequel? ....A good one?

Reibooi3495d ago


I agree. We already KNOW that SE want's XIV on 360 as well. The only reason it hasn't happened yet is because MS is being to greedy and won't come to a good deal with SE.

On the other hand VS is being made by Nomura who is known to be a die hard Sony loyalist. The fact that he is as big as he is inside of SE and in charge of VS makes me think that game will never see the light of day on 360.

All the indications we have seen so far point to VS looking WAY better then Final Fantasy XIII did and if that's the case a Xbox 360 port would be either more dumbed downed then XIII was or just not possible in the first place.

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kevco333495d ago

Versus is cancelled, FFXV is 360 exclusive. ;)

stonecold13495d ago

ps3 exclusive and will never come out on xbox nomura is like gabe but dosent go on like gabe vs will stay with ps3 and nomura would not like to go down the same route with final fantasy 13 no shops no npcs no huge world explores no space ships no towns so no vs will never be on 360 and final fantasy mmo is a ps3 exclusive as for now but unlike some xbox fans say mass effect 1,2 exclusive to there consoe its not because its on pc im a sony fan and i know final fantasy 14 mmo on pc and i didnt say its exclusive to the ps3 it may come out on xbox later on but vs is a ps3 only title and agito is for the psp only

asdr3wsfas3495d ago

It's like Faulkner is writing a ps3 fanboy.

catguykyou3495d ago

I'm pretty sure if Nomura's boss came to him and said, you will make this game for xyz system, he would go, "sure thing boss. When do you need it by?". His preferences mean nothing to the company as a whole.

Lightel0s3495d ago

square usa closes studio?

Meryl3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Valkyrie profile is a limited x360 exclusive?? It won't be versus going multiplat because he said he would quit if that happened, he want's it to be the best final fantasy created since FFX (no I'm not counting the latest edition because it was a joke of a game)

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