Splinter Cell: Conviction Prepares for PS3?

Xbox Evolved piggies off the back of GamesRadar's recent article supporting the fact that Splinter Cell: Conviction may indeed be going to PS3 a lot sooner than we all think. Simple, but new evidence also suggests the game's 360 exclusive status may never have even existed.

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Blaze9293497d ago

Wow never even noticed that...oh Microsoft. Only on Xbox 360...for awhile

fr0sty3497d ago

Everyone should realize by now the age of the third party exclusive has come to an end. I think Gears of War is the only notable third party exclusive left that isn't already threatening to jump ship (mass effect's devs have constantly hinted at ps3 versions, now this... and even EPIC is making statements now that don't rule out a ps3 gears of war).

-Alpha3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Halo will always be the reason the Xbox stays afloat IMO.

MS loses potential sales to PC and even PS3. It's evident that relying on third party is not working and MS's shortsightedness is screwing them.

Not sure if Sony can get that full momentum as long as Halo exists on the 360, but they are definitely smart in having first party studios rooted in a rich history. Sony has cemented a legacy for years and that has proven troublesome for MS.

If Gears comes to the PS3 then I will laugh. Too long have 360 exclusives relied on the pleasure of having Sony sit on the bottom, but Sony has worked up more than any other in this industry. Developers cannot deny the fanbase of the PS3.

First Party is all that's going to matter and Sony has an army. Yet, incredibly, MS has Halo, that one game that can dominate a whole year for sales. Reach is definitely going to be the juggernaut blockbuster title of the year, and MS is damn lucky to have such a loved franchise.

I sincerely don't understand why MS, when they are on top of Sony, wont take the time to gather some First Party studios. Sony, who is doing by far the worst this gen (in terms of profits), is the one pushing this industry to the full potential. You'd think the more successful company would be the one doing that. I guess it goes to show you that true quality comes out when your back is against the wall.

Blaze9293497d ago

Yeah Microsoft needs to start building up some first-party in house studios. All this 3rd party timed exclusive crap is starting to get old and just sad.

AridSpider3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I'm sure everyone knows by now it's a matter of 'when' with xbox 360 exclusives rather than if.

That recent XCOM announcement? Yeah...SO coming to the PS3 eventually.

Natsu X FairyTail3497d ago

I dont even care about that anymore. MS only gets timed exclusives. That's why I'm playing most of my stuff on PC these latest days.

ProA0073497d ago

Let's see...Halo, Crackdown, Fable 3. Only three games we know of so far that are certified exclusives for the 360 and only 360? Sad

Double073497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Metro 2033 doesnt have "Only on Xbox" on the boxart though, maybe it does in the U.S but in the UK/ Europe it doesnt appear to.

But still Im pretty sure that SC:C will come to PS3 at some stage.

fryday3497d ago

The Demo sucked...

@1.3 What's with gears of war?

ExgamerLegends23497d ago

If you own a ps3 how many of you would buy this game.
agree = yes
disagree = no

3497d ago
Blaze9293497d ago

Yeah I'm in the US and the box art says only on Xbox 360 and Windows on my copy.

The recent release of Risen on Xbox 360 also says it.

Tony-A3497d ago

I like Splinter Cell back in the day, but I heard this one was too much of a change. It looks like a game with no identity, when before, it used to be the modernized/western version of MGS (to me).

Now that MGS got all "westerned" up with MGS4, there wasn't much need for me to pick anything else up. I got my Tactical Espionage fix.

raztad3497d ago

To tell the true I dont mind the delay if the PS3 version get a Sigma treatment, ie, 720p, improved visuals, SPIES vs MECS that make up for the short single player campaign.

As I did with NG2:S I'll buy the game to show some appreciation for the effort, on the other hand if Ubi just port an the current xbox game I'm not getting it.

InfectedDK3497d ago

Everyone by now know's that this game IS coming for the PS3..

ico923497d ago

most PS owners or at least the ones i know (and i know alot)
have never really been that interested in the SC franchise. Most of them including me tend to swing towards the Metal Gear series.

BYE3497d ago

SC:C looks like a nice game, not sure if I'd buy it though...

I'd rather have Alan Wake on PS3.

Sarcasm3497d ago

Meh... It wasn't really that good of a game anyway. It's not terrible, but it's not good either. And the graphics look outdated with low resolution textures everywhere, screen tear, and some portions with a choppy frame rate. Although I admit that some of the gameplay was a LOT of fun. Heck, I could definitely go for the whole "gameplay is what matters" argument but if it wasn't for the stupid AI at times.

Kingdom Come3497d ago

Gears of Wars staying were it is:
1) The second didn't even to make it to PC because Epic wanted to be faithful to 360 Owners.
2) In April 2011 we'll be up to the 3rd Installment, I doubt they'll remake the first 2 for the PS3.
3) A member of N4G has asked Cliffy this question, he straight out said no.
4) Just because Epic aren't owned by Microsoft it doest mean their game is going to the other console.
5) Epic have a great friendship with Microsoft.
6) The first 2 games are on a contract with Microsoft supposedly, why would they release the 3rd for PS3.

Epic aren't interested in bringing the franchise to PS3, get over it.

On Topic: Splinter Cell Conviction is amazing, been hooked since release, which isn't usual considering my obsession with Gears of War.

cayal3497d ago

"If you own a ps3 how many of you would buy this game."

I have both 360 and PS3 and a big Splinter Cell fan but I am sitting on this for a few months to see what happens. I prefer the PS3 over my 360 (more comfortable with the controller) thus why I am waiting.

BattleAxe3497d ago

I'm not interested in a 5 hour game. I'm just gonna wait for the next Rainbow Six game as my next Ubisoft purchase.

BYE3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )



Vegas 2 is still my favorite FPS this generation. The coop is great fun.

NewZealander3497d ago

who cares if it goes to ps3, i own both consoles, and even if it were %100 360 exclusive i still wouldnt buy conviction, its a rental at best.

Immortal3213497d ago

the best story driven game, imo. this game can't even do half the stuff I can do in mgs4.

Shepherd 2143497d ago

i dont really see why people care so much. I dont really mind that the PS3 will get a good game, why would i? I have more important things to worry about than something like this anyways.

FarEastOrient3496d ago

That is a great find for the "Only on Xbox" label, especially when they used it on games like Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean.

Xbox is not the only one trying to make exclusives appear exclusive... No More Heroes on the Wii is also on the PS3 and it does look better in HD.

sid4gamerfreak3496d ago

why do i need a 5 hours game again? Sorry but even if it comes to the ps3, its not a buy for me.

I was planning to get this on the pc but the drm screwed everything...

Inside_out3496d ago

I don't understand how this game could be ported to the PS3 when the PS3 has no 576p setting, resulting in a 480p game, assuming the PS3 has 480p checked off, otherwise it would be, that's a mouthful...If it's 720p ( doubt?? ) that's different...

This game is awesome worthy of a Hollywood movie...The short campaign is a argument for the amateurs/kids out there...8+ hrs is not short for a shooter and right in line for this gen of games...45 achievements, 30+ (with different levels) persistent elite creation ( P.E.C ) challenges that give you points which you redeem for upgrades...Not about co-op online and splitscreen including a entire co-op campaign with different story...on line multi player and game types plus you can play solo if you choose...All unlocked weapons available on replay...

The AI is alot of fun...Second have of the game and it starts to get even harder.... once you try and complete any achievements and P.E.C challenges you will understand...take out 15 enemies with a rifle without reloading...take out 10 enemies with the pistol without reloading...clear a level with out being spotted and without me, the AI is very about pulling an enemy over a railing or through a window 10 times and they have to fall at least 10 meters...just a taste, remember...45 achievements and P.E.C challenges and P.E.C has different levels...Also the multi modes like Hunter and last stand are available to play solo...So in Hunter, you face 10 enemies and you have to kill without detection...if detected, the enemies increase by ten...if completed, you move on to another part of the map to face another wave etc...incredible fun...

People play on easy/normal and game is a huge stealth/action playground...the graphics are good and will surprise a few people...the Iraq level is the only exception...The controls, story, and music blend together perfectly and easily one of the best this gen....gonna be a big and see....

Dnied3496d ago

The length is perfect. Not only do you get 5+ hours (probably closer to 8-10 on realistic difficulty) you also get a SECOND campaign that is just as long, if not longer, all Coopertive.

Played through both campaigns on realistic, I had a fkin blast going through them.. I even think I had more fun playing through the coop story (prologue) with my buddy

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Crazybone1263497d ago

For some reason i had a feeling this would have the chance to come to PS3

Blaze9293497d ago

I mean it makes sense though. Unless you're first party there is no real reason to make exclusive games anymore. Just missing out on a ton of money

Icyhot3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Ubisoft has had a good relation with Sony. They even had Assassin Creed 2 exclusive marketing and exclusive content, so I always kind a knew it would come to the PS3 eventually. Also AC2 sold pretty well on the PS3 (it actually sold better than the 360 version), so it makes perfect sense to bring it to the PS3.

Still pissed at the 5 hour campaign :/

Blaze9293497d ago

Well that's the thing about Ubisoft. It isnt about relationships with companies but rather what brand has had good relationships with their games rather than the company.

The Tom Clancy games are PC and Xbox franchise and the Xbox has been very good with those games with support form Microsoft.

Whereas Assassins Creed (which started out a PS3 exclusive) has been really good with the Playstation brand. I find it hard to believe Sony paid for the AC2 exclusive content which was just a few weapons. So that was done just on Ubi's behalf.

So maybe what they do is just do something special for each brand but ultimately cater to all.

Icyhot3497d ago

Agree Blaze, but I really don't get this Timed Exclusive stuff? If Ubi are releasing this game 6 months late, then expect poor sales just like Lost Planet 1 or Bioshock 1. If it were released along with the 360 version, then you definitely will get more sales especially for a game that has been received well. Besides, TE is really annoying. If it's coming, then just say it already or deny the rumor. We have 10 different articles about the same thing speculating stuff.

Maybe Ubi is just gauging the success of the 360 version and the hype it gets from the PS3 base who knows?

And besides, I already knew this when Ubi announced that future SC will come on the PS3.. I mean come on who releases later versions of the game without the 1st one?

Oh and AC2 weapons exclusive might just have been thrown in due to the PSP version. Sony might have asked for something in return of the marketing.

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ProA0073497d ago

Microsoft better cut this mess out before people start questioning what the hell they purchased a 360 for. Consumers need to feel like they picked the right choice and having every exclusive jump tot he ps3 is not helping.

DailyAddict3497d ago

I agree with your statement, but consumers "as a majority" are stupid. It's a simple fact that the average joe consumer is literally just pretty stupid and Microsoft knows this. Marketing is Microsoft's biggest advantage. Now, to the educated consumer (people that read sites, magazines, etc.) I'm sure they've all ready noticed that almost none of Microsoft's third-party exclusives have actually been exclusive. Still, to a lot of people getting it first though is good enough.

What I would sort of be interested in seeing is the "lost exclusive" count between the two consoles. Sony takes a lot of slack for losing exclusives, but really when you consider that just about every third-party 360 exclusive has gone to PS3 makes me wonder if the two aren't closer in count than people realize.

But, at the end of the day, it's true that third-party exclusives have come to an end except for the few companies who truly only enjoy working with one particular hardware. When both consoles have 30+ million owners there's no reason not to support both.

yoghurt3497d ago

Third party exclusives are coming to an end, game devs need the money and 1 platform no longer cuts the mustard. Sony know this and that is why they have a shed load of 1st party devs, they know that 1st party will produce the best games overall and bring the best out of the system

I doubt you will EVER see a 3rd party game making the most out of either system's capabilities

roguewarrior3497d ago

still one of the most impressive games on PS3

PirateThom3497d ago

Wait... what?

360 games that are on PC never have that stamp, even BioShock had "Only for XBox 360 and Windows PC".

Reaching a bit there.