Under The Radar: Elven Legacy

Asad Quadri of The Writes: Hey there it's me Asad Quadri, better known as TheExMachina from the Koalition forums. This is my first article called "Under the Radar" where I talk about games from this generation which I feel may have been overlooked and unnoticed due to more mainstream games taking up the spotlight. While we all enjoy "PWNING TEH NOOBS" in a friendly, violent and frenzied deathmatch in Modern Warfare 2, or "CHOPING UP ALL TEH UGLY LOCUST WITH TEH LANCER" in Horde mode in Gears of War 2, there are games out there which offer something different.

Something perhaps you've never tried before and something which offers just as much playability and entertainment as the majority of the mainstream products. In this article, I talk about a turn-based strategy game called Elven Legacy, from publishers Paradox Interactive and developers 1C Company. I am enjoying this game very much as it provides something different to other mainstream titles out there. It's a great way to be introduced to more sophisticated wargames, as the gameplay is easy enough for beginners to learn, but challenging enough for even the most hardened turn-based war veteran. If you are up for something different, fun and exigent, then Elven Legacy could be right up your street.

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