Remedy's managing director criticize game journalism

VGArabia: Remedy's managing director Matias Myllyrinne criticized gamepro and Videogameszone for releasing random quality videos for Alan Wake.

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immortal843105d ago

but I wonder why they released some low quality videos for Alan Wake without Remedy's approval.

HighDefinition3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

This generation has been ALL about drama. Everyone has a problem with someone/something this gen. He right though gaming journalism sucks lately.

immortal843105d ago

Fanboys are destroying the industry. I wonder why they fight over pixels and stupid things.

The Wood3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

for hits it seems


same ol same ol

tryna catch up on final fantasy.. You good

HighDefinition3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Fanboy`s are wound up by the journalist. They take advantage of peoples passion for a preference sorta like religious extremists.

@The Wood

What up.

Edit: All I do is play "No Time For Loved Ones 13". I can`t wait for "No Time For Loved Ones 13 Versus". LOL

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

Crytech and Remedy: the most outspoken devs at the time.

Blaze9293105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

"on his tweeter account"

uhhhh...Tweeter or Twitter? Oh the irony in this coming from a article talking about criticizing game journalism. Site can't even spell Twitter

Brklynty13105d ago

But can anybody tell me exactly why M$ pull the mandatory HD plug on 360 games? Was it hurting the games in some way?

Elven63105d ago

Well technically games were going below 720p anyway since games like COD 3/4, Halo 3, etc were already under 720p. I don't know if Microsoft gave an official reason but so far this seems to be a popular theory.

^^Not sure if that's true or not, don't know much about upscaling.

On topic: Remedy speaks the truth, but to call a majority of the sites who have instigated fanboy wars over nothing a "journalism hub" is insulting to those who actually take the industry seriously!

fryday3105d ago

If a chimp takes a b&w photo of the Mona Lisa , it does not make the original blurry and lacking in colour.

Hahahaha xD

3105d ago
yog-sothot3105d ago

if they pretend that the videos are representative of the final game quality, it really sucks, but I don't see why a journalist would need the the approval of a game company to release anything.

Was there an official NDA ?

They are journalists (yes, even in videogames press), not publishers PR staff

Elven63105d ago

They have embargos which can be described as a "gentlemans agreement" where you agree not to release anything until a certain date. The most that can happen here is you are blacklisted by the company.

The other is an NDA, if that is broken you could get fired and sued into oblivion.

NDA's are rare, embargos are more common.

bjornbear3105d ago

fanboy consumers have always been around, just didn't have the net to voice their stupidity

Inside_out3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The game releases in a couple of's not poor video from reputable sources trying to promote the game BUT the idiotic PS3 community that's to blame for this...They will stop at nothing to try to discredit and hurt the sales of this game....It starts at the top, with the pathetic and desperate Sony commercials and end with the sad and lonely PS3 fanboy with nothing good to play....Sony getting there a$$ handed to them this yr...Little PS3 kids feeling left out....

In the mean time, 360 has never been more affordable with the best games that you actually play and not sit there and watching cut scene after cut scene along with extended cinematics ( MGS, UC, HR and GOW )...Buy a 360 and join in on the fun...This is a 360 EXCLUSIVE....

BTW...look how many idiot PS3 post's are on every AW, SC C and Reach 360 thread...all 360 only games...look at Chooch-troll on...

MNicholas3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I guess those rascally magazines must have knowingly used some magic compression technology that only blurs anything that isn't on-screen text, and actually goes a step further by scanning each frame to find polygon edges and selectively recalculating color distribution on pixels along those edges.

Wow, I wouldn't be criticizing those magazines, I'd be congratulating them on discovering some amazing new selective compression technology.

Seriously folks ... maybe by the time the game is released they'll be running it at 720P native but there is absolutely no doubt (again, from proven, impartial sources who are trusted by game developers) at the time those videos and screens were made the game was running at 540P.

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Urmomlol3105d ago

I think they have a valid reason for being pissed. They probably broke an embargo of some sorts.

mrmikew20183105d ago

I agree he does make some valid points. But if the game runs at a lower resolution than 720p, than so be it.

You Noob3105d ago

The truth is:
Remedy lies to all!

Game run @576p natively, and is only 720p UPSCALED! Shame!

spongeboob3105d ago

I here they are releasing the rest of the missing pixels as a DLC pack closer to launch for 400 MS points. LOL!

Zulwarn3104d ago

you DO know that the 360 CAN UPSCALE ALL GAMES TO 1080P?
unlike the bs3 which is stuck a 720p unless the dev adds 1080p support for it

eg: demons souls

alan wake = 720p NATIVE

Meryl3104d ago

^^lol Wipeout HD says hi to your theory, look it up anywhere because that is a 1080p title, so if PS3 can't do 1080, then how come wipeout HD exits, and most games upscale to 1080p idiot.

Zulwarn3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

lol looks like you've missed this "unless the dev adds 1080p support for it" part of my post blind idiot

if the devs were going to use upscale res to advertise their game they wouldn't have stopped @720p they would've used 1080p instead that was ma point ok?? ok....

maybe you droids should take your own advise and buy 720p tv's since most of yours games ares stuck at 720p

keyword "most" not all thats what ive said " unless the dev adds 1080p support for it" owned? not even close blind idiot

truehunter3104d ago

Zulwarn, not to jackazz but it wouldnt matter. 720p on 1080p TV is same basic as 480p Movie upscale to 1080p.

Regardless its still missing pixel. I have 1080p TV an alot of DVD that upscale 1080p an no dam diffrent from using a DVD player or BD player. Your logic makes no sence whats so ever.

Just to impress you badly take a dam picture of 720×480 an stretch it to 1920×1080. This should make u feel like a fool. Same pic but pulling 1080p ?? ya smart on ur own work saying 1080p xbox 360 can pull but dont realize it wouldnt matter.

Best for ppl like u is to buy 720p TV that way you can full the full effect on sub HD.

yewles13104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

BWAHAHA!!! Look at the scrambling crybaby DASHING to his damage control whith STILL no concrete evidence of either claim. XD

And yes, I'm talking about Zulwah-wah

Meryl3104d ago

@zulwarn most ps3 games do upscale to 1080, like it or not, they are not just stuck with 720p that is what i was getting at, thanks for your input where you owned yourself because most gamers know your are talking out of your arse

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el_nene_lindo3105d ago

the manager director is piss off becuase there showing the game becuase he doesnt want ppl to know that alan FAKE runs 576p native and 720p UPSCALED.

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