Killzone 2 reviewed a year and a half later…

The Glue from Immature Gamer writes: So Killzone 2 came out about a year and a half ago and of course if you knew what Killzone 2 was back then, you were also aware of the hype, flamewars and just all around chaos that came with Killzone 2's launch.

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LordMarius3109d ago

Still one of the best FPS around

YoungKiller253109d ago

it really shows what this game is, and it is a 9/10

once the hype goggles wear off its a fair judgement

should do this for GTAIV

infamousinfolite3109d ago

I'll give killzone 2 two pros: Graphics and re-playability (for me imo) I like the graphics of this game THAT much.

Therealspy033109d ago

Killzone 2 came out just over 1 year and 1 month ago.

Kratos Spartan3109d ago

is the sole reason I purchased an HDTV in January '09. I missed MGS4 in HD, along with several other titles, no way I was going to miss out on this graphical beast.

Lifendz3109d ago

PS3 is the sole reason I purchased an HDtv. I did my research and when I found out about HDMI and the benefits of it, I said I had to splurge on the HDtv to make my gaming habit complete. KZ2 only further vindicated my purchase.

And the graphics of the game didn't really get to the jaw dropping level, for me, until the level after Sev jumps off the bridge and has to proceed through a sewer pipe. That moment, when the lightening is crackeling, and the grit and dirt within that sewer pipe seem to actually be in the room with wow.

Great great game. Just hope next time around they fix the vision perspective (i.e. your guy shouldn't seem to be 4 feet tall).

nix3109d ago

and i'm not a FPS fan. the game looked that great that i had to buy it. and obviously MP is great too. the fact that i played KZ2 MP (n became a General) says a lot.

n yeah, i bought HDTV because of PS3. i mean i had to. who wouldn't?

jjohan353109d ago

It was a fun game. I loved the features they had like the dynamic gameplay and the proximity chat. My only complaint was that the controls were too weighty for multiplayer maps that consisted of way too many choke points. I don't mind weighty controls (Battlefield) and I don't mind chokepoints, but they shouldn't belong together.

Red_Orange_Juice3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

February 2009, how is this a year and a half ago?
This really bothers me, bullshit titles.

UltraNova3109d ago

Hands down the most accurate and unbiased review of KZ2 ever...

AEtherbane3109d ago

But this game is good, its not the best FPS ever, not split screen (reasonably though with the graphics) but its fun. nothing really revolutionary, but fun. still an 8/10 for me.

SPACEBALL 13109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

he said large community and i about fell out of my chair... i guess when a game has no more than 3000 on at a time it is considered a large community on psn. a large community is what MW2 or halo have... well over 150,000 halo players on at the same time to this day and MW2 has about 500,000 people on at a time. those are big communities, and sorry kilzone is a small weak community in comparison.

dont get me wrong, i am a kz2 fan, but kz2 is now nothing but a spwan killing mess. it is full of arrogant fanboys who think they are super skilled. somehow the picture got painted that killzone was a hard game, and the fanboys think they are gods of fps's. any person who has came over and played kz2 with me has said the same thing... "OMG YOU DONT HAVE TO AIM IN THIS, IT SO EASY TO GET KILLS." if you know how to play, you dont even have to move the right stick, you can just strafe into shots. there are no tactics used anymore (unless you count spawn camping). kz2 is great, but its also a perfect example of how the gamers ruin a perfectly fine game.

Traveler3108d ago

Killzone 2 looks amazing and is a ton of fun to play. It is still one of my favorite online shooters. I am really looking forward to the third one.

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Software_Lover3109d ago

Just not spectacular IMHO. But no FPS is to me. They get so boring. And the graphics dont just "blow me away" like some people say on here.

"everytime I put Killzone 2 in the graphics just blow me away" really?

It looks better than Halo 3 and other FPS but nothing this gen has blown me away since gears of War came out. Hell, I will go as far as to say since Uncharted and/or Heavenly Sword. Since those games, you get some that look a little better, you get some that look a little worse. Nothing that just blows stuff away.

Plus I was spoiled by Crysis Warhead, LOL.


Ahh.. yeah, Crysis will do that a person..

KZ2 had really nice "cinematic" "post effects" I think they called them. Like grain and that VERY nice motion blur, and the shaky camera and weight (environment effects were/are still top-notch too). It all made for a pretty experience on a console and much different than everything else (I noticed Fear 2 used grain but it didn't look very nice imo). The only other game that really wow'd me like KZ2 did was Black on PS2/Xbox. It felt a lot like that for some reason. Maybe it was the kick the guns had. They did the gunplay right in Black and KZ2 so maybe that's why I make that connection.

deadreckoning6663109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I agree with Software Lover. Killzone 2 WAS the best FPS I've ever played for like a year, but it eventually got boring, but thats not really a ding on it since nearly all FPS's get boring at some point.

But I'm ready for Killzone 3 though. Its the only thing stopping me from buying a 360 and getting Reach.

raztad3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )


I do agree 100% on the BLACK reference. Definitely KZ2 got that BLACK-like feeling. I love it, the shooting is really satisfying and brutal. Helghats AI makes everything more challenging.


LOL. This review was pretty good

"but in all honesty when the only loadout available to you is “Grunt With Assault Rifle,” you don’t want to play with a room full of Generals."

I went through the above situation when joining a friend's game. I regretted it badly. Never been so owned in my life.

EDIT2: Good job haters, keep hitting disagree for no reason. Loosers.

infamousinfolite3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

wasn't you all 360 pro before or maybe I'm thinking of someone else

Edit: And yea I can't wait for KZ3

Darkfocus3109d ago

you know getting mad at disagrees and saying bad things about people that disagree with you just compels people to click the disagree button right?
Besides why would you care? your own opinion should be the only one that matters to you, I just don't understand people that get worked up by random people on the internet disagreeing with them.

On Topic:this is a pretty good review and I think all games should be re reviewed a couple months after so that the hypes worn off or if the game shipped with bugs that made it a poor experiance they may have been fixed(ie Socom Confrontation)

raztad3109d ago


Who said I'm worked up? having some disagrees is not a problem, but having them for no reason and with such an innocent comment made me think it was a hater doing.

morganfell3109d ago

The reviewer is an idiot in one respect. When a game launches that has progression in multiplayer, and you are days or weeks or a year late in getting online, you are going to take a beating initially. That is so prominent in every game with progressive online that one might think the writer has never played online period.

Otherwise the hard earned advances of consistent players would mean nothing.

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Awesome review. The score is perfect and the author described it well. I like the parts where the author mentions what it isn't like, and the indirect criticism they add to other games that are over hyped to no end. I think you can all guess what they were, but yeah. A year and a half later, and they think it still holds up as the best. I'd have to I agree for the most part, a lot of people missed out on KZ2 because they may have missed a prestige during the time it took to play through it and get a high online rank.

I knew a guy that made up his mind that he would not try it because he had people who play CoD 4 that he played with who didn't own KZ2. He got me to play CoD 4 with him, and I couldn't even enjoy it after playing a bunch of KZ2. It felt so...I dunno. Sloppy? Floaty? Cheap? Not satisfying basically.

I doubt the dude ever tried KZ2, he went immediately on to Nazi Zombies after CoD 4. Poor guy.

BloodyCHAMP3109d ago

no body bought killzone everyone bought cod
killzone was jus eye candy
gameplay is soft

Tekton0143109d ago

naw, not sarcasm, he thinks auto aim and no recoil is hardcore.

3109d ago
infamousinfolite3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Huh?! It's a nine because it's a really good game besides we are constantly seeing articles comparing Crysis 2 to Killzone 2.

But yea you right COD's Hardcore Auto-aim is MUCH better game than Killzone 2.


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NateNater3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Yea Killzone 2 was an awesome game!

It's a good idea to do reviews of games a while after they're released.

Instead of just rushing through the game and reviewing, the reviewer actually takes his/her time with the game and the result is a great review :)

Edit: @ disagrees
...why disagree? Care to explain?

NateNater3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Well I said that because last time I played it was like a month ago and I've beat the story already. So I was referring to it in the past tense. I wasn't bashing the game in any sense at all lol.

Here...Killzone 2 IS an awesome game!

Better? :P

bjornbear3109d ago

and its still fun to pop in and finish again =)

+ if you want a challenging FPS, you don't need to look further than KZ2

Redempteur3109d ago

KZ2 on elite is pretty unforgiving ..